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Forbes has named Will Ferrell as Hollywood's most overpaid actor yet again.

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According to the 2010 Forbes list — which compares how much stars earn to the overall cost of the films they have appeared in over the last five years — for every dollar Ferrell was paid, his films earned an average of $3.35. Land of the Lost, which had a budget of nearly $100 million, hurt the actor's standing after it took in only $69 million in 2009. Ferrell fared better this summer with the buddy cop comedy, The Good Guys, but that film missed the deadline for this year's list.

Eddie Murphy came in second with a $4.45 return for every dollar he is paid, while Denzel Washington took third with $5.10. Seth Rogen and Tom Cruise were not far behind, earning returns of $6.75 and $7.20, respectively.

Rounding out the top 10: Drew Barrymore ($7.45), Matt Damon ($8.30), Vince Vaughn ($8.35), Adam Sandler ($8.45) and Jim Carrey ($8.60).

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