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Alison Sweeney and Jillian Michaels are not only professional colleagues, but the host of The Biggest Loser told TV Guide Magazine how much the tough trainer has helped her personally. "Jillian's done a lot to inspire me, and she's given me so many great tips," said Sweeney. "I know how she comes across on TV, but I texted her the other day and was like, 'I want a bagel, tell me not to eat it.' And she text back, 'You work so hard. Pull out that picture of Madonna and you will not be tempted to eat it'. She's just always there for her friends, and she's such a wonderful and inspirational person." This is the last season Michaels will be on the show; she's leaving to pursue other things, which include starting a family. "I'm so happy for her and the life she's going to lead," Sweeney said. "She's so great with my kids. I know she's going to be a good mom."

While The Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies has proven she's a talented actress, she still worries about not nailing her auditions. She said she thought for sure she didn't get the part in AMC's hit. "I read the script and went in to audition. Then I went in to my car and started crying. I thought I'd never get this and then they cast me. I've been happy ever since." The first season had just six episodes, and left fans with a puzzling ending.  According the Callies, even the cast doesn't know what's going to happen, but she has a theory. "[Dr.] Jenner took blood work, and it's possible maybe he told Rick something about what he saw in his wife's blood work. I'm kind of basing that on the comic [on which the show is based]. I don't know. It's also possible he told him something he saw in his own blood work. For all I know, Rick was in the hospital and got a transfusion and now he's got leukemia." What she does know is that, "It becomes another secret that Rick is going to keep or not keep, and the power of what we say to each other and what we hold from one another, particularly talking about Rick and Shane and Lori. I think we all feel the burden of our secrets and we all try to protect each other."

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus told TV Guide Magazine that while his character, Daryl, isn't currently in the comic book that is the basis for the show, he might be soon. "There's a rumor I'm going to be added to the comic book. Robert Kirkman really enjoyed writing the episodes that my character Daryl was in so he did a convention where he mentioned he was going to start adding my character into the comic book. I'll probably have to sleep with him now," Reedus joked. 

How are Steve Carell co-stars handling the idea of him leaving The Office later this season? Leslie David Baker (Stanley) said, "I'm having a series of shrouds made and I'm going into mourning. In all honestly, we're going to miss Steve. He's led us on the show for the last seven years. We've done a lot of laughing together, but even though Michael Scott is leaving, we still have access to Steve Carell. We'll still have him in our lives." Fans will no longer see the humorous tension between Stanley and his boss, but the actor is open to whatever the writers want to do with him. "I'm going to let the writers surprise me. They've managed all these years to keep it fresh and innovative. I would like to see something that's fun and exciting." The one thing Baker doesn't want to see is more new faces. "I want to explore the characters that are still there in more depth in terms of their relationships and families and not necessarily bring in too many additional people."

Apparently Gillian Jacobs isn't too different from her character on Community. The actress confessed she makes a lot of mistakes just like Britta. "I'm wrong a lot. I'm wrong most of the time," she laughed. "I like her because she keeps trying no matter how many times people smack her down and tell her she's humorless and not funny and a terrible human being. She's wrong most of the time, but she doesn't let that stop her. I love her."

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