Dexter Dexter

On Dexter, nothing sets up a good sex scene like murder.

In last week's episode, after Dexter (Michael C. Hall) helped rape victim Lumen (guest star Julia Stiles) get her first taste of revenge by killing one of her tormentors, the duo hit the sheets, becoming more than just partners in crime. But Stiles found a certain poetry in the juxtaposition of those two scenes.

"Lumen is the only person alive who sees Dexter's true self and accepts him. There's something oddly romantic about that, and also very intimate," Stiles tells "The reverse is true for Lumen. The experience she had before was so traumatic, and had an element of shame, where she couldn't go back and see her family. There's something very isolating about that, and the fact that Dexter knows about it and also embraces her is very sweet amidst all this weirdness."

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Source: Showtime plans to renew Dexter

What do you think of Lumen? What do you think will happen in the last two episodes?