Whitney Houston, Denis Leary Whitney Houston, Denis Leary

This week kind of caught us off-guard. The star of one of our favorite shows got shot. An egg just kind of appeared. Mad Men's Don was nice to Betty, for once. And what was up with Whitney Houston? Welcome to Top Moments, curveball edition.

7. Um, What? Award: Just when we thought we had figured out the method to Maryann's madness on True Blood, Tara and Eggs started building a nest in Sookie's bed for a giant egg that just kind of materialized. What the heck is inside it?

6. Best Foreshadowed Croquet Attack: We used to think of Nancy's son Shane as the brainy, good son on Weeds — but how things have changed. Initially, it was a shock to see Shane snap and take a croquet mallet to Pilar's head, leaving her face-down in a swimming pool during the final scene of the finale. In retrospect, the writers have been setting us up for this: Shane started selling weed at school on the DL, had sex with two girls (nearly contracting an STD), got shot and had booze poured on his open wound, pulled a knife, and took up drinking. Yeah, maybe we could have seen this coming.

5. Least Acceptable Award: After waiting 22 years to win their first Outstanding Drama Series Daytime Emmy, the cast and crew of The Bold and the Beautiful couldn't even say a simple "thank you" during the broadcast. They weren't just played offstage by a pesky orchestra: They were brushed off completely as credits rolled just as everyone reached the stage. Our cable box told us three minutes remained in the show, but even if it was running late, they deserved their moment. It wouldn't be the first time an award ceremony ran long.

4. Best Moment of Sanity: Mad Men lived up to its tagline for the season ("The world's gone mad") with an episode in which Pete and Trudy did an absurdly flawless Charleston, Joan sang and played accordion, Peggy got high, and Roger sang "My Old Kentucky Home" in blackface. (Only Don had the decency to seem repulsed.) For all the ridiculousness of the song, dance, and druggie banter, Don brought us back to earth by finding his very pregnant wife in Roger's garden to share a quiet, reassuring kiss. It was a surprising reminder from a sometimes dark show that the world's not all bad.

3. Best Bugging Out: We've seen plenty of screaming on this season of Big Brother, but none quite as outrageous (or hysterical) as Natalie's ear-piercing yelps of fear as a dragonfly circled the houseguests at the pool. Her flailing around on the lounge chair only added to the effect. We hope some horror movie casting agents were watching.

2. Biggest Letdown: Whitney Houston made her comeback performance on Good Morning America, but turned her performance into a sing-along — with the audience doing more than its share — when her voice sounded more hoarse than the honey-smooth one we so admire. Later she blamed her worn-out vocal chords on talking too much during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. We can't wait to hear what she said. (The episode airs Sept. 14.)

1. Biggest Shock: As Rescue Me's season drew to a close, Uncle Teddy delivered an out-of-the-blue jolt by firing two shots directly into Tommy's chest-shoulder region. Though plenty of witnesses were on hand, Teddy didn't allow any of them to call for help as Tommy lay on the floor, bleeding, to bring the show's fifth season to a close.

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