Jessie Cowan/TV Guide
TV Guide app

Introducing a TV Guide App for the Modern Era

We have a new content library, a new site, and a new app to help you find what to watch and where to watch it

With new streaming services popping up every few months, plus thousands of TV shows and movies on broadcast and cable, figuring out what to watch and where to watch is more overwhelming than ever. While there are several listings sources and many streaming service aggregators, there hasn't been a one-stop shop for the huge audience that watches both linear and streaming TV… until now.  

Presenting TV Guide: The Reboot.

The new TV Guide website and app boast a more robust catalog of TV shows and movies, fully integrating streaming entertainment while continuing to serve the millions of viewers who still subscribe to live TV. The app, now available for iOS and Android, has been a particular focus for TV Guide; in making this shift to streaming, we gave the app a complete overhaul and introduced some shiny new features.

The new TV Guide app enables you to effortlessly:

  1. Discover new shows and movies from hundreds of channels and 30+ streaming services

  2. Check personalized listings to find out what's airing on your favorite live TV channels 

  3. Stay up to date on your favorite shows and movies by adding them to your Watchlist

  4. Watch trailers and explore upcoming airings and recent episodes

  5. Find out where to watch your favorite movies and TV shows

Here's the best part: The app seamlessly links to other entertainment apps in the iOS and Android ecosystems. When you install the app and sign in, TV Guide detects which streaming services you have installed and suggests you add them to your account. The app uses this information to personalize your show and movie recommendations, and help you pick the best service to stream them. Then, you can tap the Quick Watch button to be taken straight to your show or movie in the corresponding app.

Any reboot carries risk, and ultimately, it's your opinion that matters the most. We know there'll be room for improvement, and we ask for your patience and feedback — we're listening!

Let the new TV Guide app help you figure out what to watch, and where to watch it, so you can stop scrolling and start watching. Install TV Guide on your iOS or Android device today!