Jack Huston Jack Huston

HE PLAYS Disfigured WWI veteran Richard Harrow, who used his sniper skills in Atlantic City as a hit man for Boardwalk Empire mobster Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt). Following his killing spree in last season's finale, Richard hits the road in search of his family. "As we discover, he lived a farm life," Huston says. "He was always a crack shot, but war changed him. He's come back not knowing the world he left."

WHERE YOU'VE SEEN HIM As a '60s New Jersey rocker in David Chase's 2012 big-screen directorial debut, Not Fade Away, opposite the late James Gandolfini. "There was a deep love between them," says Huston of the Sopranos creator and its star. The British-born Huston (part of a showbiz dynasty that includes uncle Danny, aunt Anjelica and grandpa John) also briefly appeared as Royce King II in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. "That was pretty strange — a very different type of movie than I've ever done. Luckily, I was in and out."

WHY WE LOVE HIM Huston's haunting performance finds the soul of the man behind the tin mask. "I've had a few masks — this one is as comfortable as it gets," he says. "It's actually quite light and pretty easy to put on and take off." The actor's choice to give Harrow a gravelly voice just came to him, he says. "It's interesting to have his voice be as grotesque as his face."

Boardwalk Empire's fourth season premieres Sunday, Sept. 9 at 10/9c on HBO.

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