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Monday's pivotal episode of House shines a light on perhaps the most crucial question of the series: Do Dr. House's life-preserving ends justify his usually outlandish means?

House First Look: Jeffrey Wright puts Dr. House on trial!

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Jeffrey Wright checks in to House

However objective he may try to be, Cofield clearly doesn't seem to care much for House. "They may, from a medical standpoint, reach similar conclusions case by case, but I think they probably take very different pathways toward those decisions," Wright says. "I don't think that Cofield allows himself the room to make those types of choices that House tends to make. Therefore, there is probably some degree of curiosity but also resentment."

So, can Cofield really be objective when it comes to deciding House's fate? "The question is: Is the decision made relative to the outcome of a case, or, is it made relative to the cumulative results of a number of cases over time?" Wright says. "At the end of the day, I think that from Cofield's perspective, their job as doctors is to heal."

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