The Big Bang Theory - Simon Helberg, Katee Sackhoff The Big Bang Theory - Simon Helberg, Katee Sackhoff

Bubble bath + a bottle of champagne + Battlestar hottie = one nerd-tastic Big Bang Theory. Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff drops by Monday's episode to dispense some words of wisdom to a newly dating Howard Wolowitz — and soap him up in the tub too. "It's an interesting way to meet someone, getting naked and stepping into a bathtub," Simon Helberg, who can also currently be seen in the film A Serious Man, tells "I usually wait until after a handshake, but we basically popped right in there and did it — did the scene, that is." See what advice Starbuck has for the skirt-chasing genius, what's in store for Wolowitz's love life, and get an update on the Dr. Horrible sequel! Katee is your dream sci-fi woman and she gives you some relationship advice in your fantasy.
Simon Helberg:
Yeah, she's almost like my conscience. She's much prettier than Jiminy Crickett. She just basically says, "C'mon, you're not going to get me! You have this great girl and you're dropping her for a fantasy." I get disillusioned and I know what's the wrong thing to do.

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Watch clips from The Big Bang Theory You guys have landed some pretty nerd-tastic guest stars lately. Do you know if they've approached anyone else to come on?
I don't know if they've approached anyone. They don't tell us that much. I think it would be amazing to have Leonard Nimoy, obviously because of the napkin. Anybody from Star Wars, Star Trek. They're like religions to these guys. If Sheldon reacted that way to Leonard Nimoy's napkin, imagine how he'd be with him. They're very smart about who they put on and how they do it. It's cool that more people are watching and now people want to do it. Those geeky icons are fans of the show and they want to come on and make fun of themselves. Do you have an update on the Dr. Horrible sequel?
My understanding is that it might be a movie, but it also might be another Internet thing. I don't quite know. I know they're working on the next installment. It will happen. When I talked to Joss [Whedon], he sort of told me some things, but what he was talking about was so intricate that I would not do it justice if I tried to explain it now! But it will happen and we're all going to be there.