Jena Irene and Alex Preston Jena Irene and Alex Preston

American Idol is dipping into the well again.

On Thursday night, the reality show continued its "Back to the Start" theme by inviting alum Chris Daughtry back to the stage. Did he rock it? And who fell to the bottom?

American Idol: The Top 8 perform their audition songs

Idol's Majesty thought her performance was "save-worthy"

People like Sam, but he's fallen to the bottom before. And, oh man! He's the one who has to sing for the save. I think Malaya and CJ were just as surprised and confused as we were. Ryan has to repeat that Sam needs to sing. We didn't see that one coming. We thought his "Lego House" last night -- all of those lamps! -- was pretty good.

Sam chooses to sing "Babylon," which has always felt snoozy. Will the judges use their save? They all believe in his talent, but his performance skills have always come up short.

It's unanimous: The judges use their save!!! (Yes, that warrants three exclamation points.) Enough confetti to block an alligator in a sewer rains down upon the stage. It's like Sam won or something, and maybe he has in a way. Take that, America!

Maybe this near-miss will light a fire in Sam's performance belly? We can only hope.

What did you think about the Bottom 3? Did Sam deserve to go home? Do you prefer the judges reserve their save for someone else?

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