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13 Things Younger Than Supernatural

Taylor Swift's Career, iPhones, and 11 More Things That Are Younger Than Supernatural

Remember when Pluto was still a planet and Twitter didn't exist? The Winchesters do

Winchester Week

Sometimes it's hard to remember what the world was like before Supernatural came into our lives. We were on MySpace more than Instagram or TikTok, most of us didn't have the internet on our cell phones (if we even had a cell phone back then), and no one outside her close circle knew who Taylor Swift was. Then Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) came into our lives when Supernatural premiered Sept. 13, 2005 on The WB, and the world changed forever.

While Supernatural isn't the longest-running series on TV (that honor goes to The Simpsons, which has aired 31 seasons and counting), a lot has changed in the 15 years it's been on the air. In fact, we bet you'll actually be surprised by how many everyday things were invented, launched, or gained mainstream notoriety during Supernatural's run! 

From iPhones to Twilight, here's a list of 13 things that are younger than Supernatural.

The CW

Launch Date: Sept. 18, 2006

The CW

The CW

Yep, you read that right. Supernatural is actually older than the network it airs on. The show premiered on The WB, which merged with UPN to create The CW in 2006. Supernatural was one of 13 returning shows that moved to the new network, which became the drama's home starting in its second season. Supernatural ended up outliving its original network by 14 years and is the last WB series still on the air.">Celebrate the Supernatural Series Finale With Winchester Week


Release Date: June 29, 2007


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Do you even remember a time before iPhones? Back when we all had to type out our texts on a 3x4 numeric keypad and the idea of having the internet on your cell was a luxury you didn't want or need? It was the dark ages for sure, but those dark ages at least had Supernatural.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Launch Date: May 2, 2008


The day Iron Man debuted in theaters, we officially went from living in a normal world to living in a superhero-dominated world. There are 23 films and 12 TV shows so far that make up the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise that dominates pop culture conversation these days. These blockbuster movies may have redefined what it means to be a hero, but the Winchesters were totally saving the world first.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

Release Date: July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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The final installment of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series marked the end of an era (and most of our childhoods), but how weird is it that most of us were already deeply entrenched in the world of Supernatural by then? The Winchesters already had two seasons under their belt when this book came out.">Sam and Dean's Brotherhood Carried Supernatural Through 15 Seasons

Netflix's streaming service

Launch Date: Jan. 16, 2007



Netflix has become such a huge part of our global culture that it's easy to forget this streaming service (and streaming TV in general) is a pretty new business. Netflix's DVD rental service may have been around since the late '90s, but its streaming site is two years younger than Supernatural and its original content is seven years younger!

Taylor Swift's career

First Album Release Date: October 24, 2006

Taylor Swift

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We were living in a pre-Taylor Swift world when Supernatural launched in 2005. While Taylor has been writing hits she was in diapers, her first country album wouldn't be released until a year after we first met the Winchesters, meaning this show is officially older than Taylor Swift's mainstream music career.">Revisiting Supernatural: Bloodlines, The CW Spin-Off That Never Was

Pluto's status as a dwarf planet

Announcement Date: Aug. 24, 2006


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We're never going to be OK with the fact that Pluto is somehow not a planet, but the scientific community won't be argued with. Still, Supernatural is older than Pluto's demotion from planet to dwarf planet. 


Founding Date: March 21, 2006


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The Winchesters aren't huge social media addicts, and that's not just because Sam and Dean were raised on the road. When Supernatural first premiered, Twitter was still just an idea a few tech whizzes were tossing around, and it wouldn't become a household name for another six years.">53 People You Definitely Forgot Were on Supernatural


Founding Date: Feb. 19, 2007 



Though Tumblr is now the unofficial home of the Supernatural fandom (and we're still sure there's some kind of dark alliance on the site between them and the Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms), the site itself is actually over a year younger than Supernatural


Release Date: Oct. 5, 2005


Little Brown and Company

By the skin of its teeth, Twilight snuck onto this list! The actual Twilight Saga madness wouldn't kick in until the first film was released in 2008, but the first novel in Stephenie Meyer's epic series came out less than a month after the Supernatural pilot premiered on The WB.">Supernatural's Most Memorable Guest Stars Deliver an Emotional Goodbye to Fans

Starbucks' free wi-fi

Launch Date: July 1, 2010


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You youngins might not remember the days before free wi-fi, but it was brutal out there. Starbucks didn't become a wi-fi destination until nearly five years after the start of Supernatural. We kind of have to wonder where Sam went to get all his demon research done before that!

A high school freshman

Birthdate: Between 2006 and 2007

A high school freshman, 13 Things Younger than Supernatural

Getty Images

The average high school freshman in the United States is 14 years old, meaning there are officially kids in high school born after the premiere of Supernatural. Think about that.">Supernatural's 12 Weirdest Episodes of All Time, Ranked

Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack"

Release Date: July 18, 2006

Justin Timberlake

Jive Records

Justin didn't bring sexy back until 2006, but we weren't exactly living in an unsexy world since we'd already watched a full season of the Winchester brothers saving people and hunting things by that point.

Supernatural's series finale airs Thursday, Nov. 19 at 9/8c on The CW. An hour-long retrospective, Supernatural: The Long Road Home, will air prior at 8/7c.

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