Not all heroes wear capes, walk upright on two legs or are even human. Some are just there, silently carrying the weight of the world on four wheels and a 550-horsepower engine.

Supernatural follows Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean's (Jensen Ackles) never-ending quest to fight the world's greatest evil. That journey hasn't been easy, especially as they struggle under the crushing emotional weight of deep-seated trauma stemming from their experience with more than their fair share of loss. The Winchester brothers' perseverance while protecting the world day in and day out certainly makes them heroic. But over the course of Supernatural's nearly 300 episodes, another character has stood even taller in the all-important fight for Earth's survival: Baby.

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Baby, a 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sam and Dean inherited from their father John, is so much more than a mere car. Like that original copy of The Lion King on VHS you'll never get rid of despite no longer owning a VCR, she's a familiar, constant force in a rapidly changing world. And given their line of work, the boys could use all the stability they can get. She's been there for the Winchesters through the highs and soul-crushing lows, bailing them out of many a close call while also serving as a safe space to hash out any lingering family issues. She's their support system, dependable friend and guardian of their most dangerous weapons on the go.

If Sam and Dean are the faces of Supernatural, consider Baby the show's elegant neck, effortlessly holding them up high and mighty. Baby's herculean efforts in the fight against evil have gone virtually unnoticed, which is why we're tipping our hats to a legend and an icon who's the true hero of the series, despite never uttering a single word — she is a car, after all.

Below, you'll find four reasons why we love that classic Impala.

Baby helps save lives
Think about how many people Sam and Dean have helped, and how significantly lower that number would be if the brothers were forced to do the family business while relying on public transportation. A bus pass to stop Lucifer?! We'd be doomed.

And looks fly while doing so
Badass hunters need a badass car, and Baby more than fits the bill. We salute this sleek and stunning ride, which has carried Sam and Dean across the country in impeccable style.

Dean probably loves her more than he loves Sam (I kid, I kid)
Dean's bond with his classic car is unbreakable. Fiercely loyal and protective of her, you could say that Baby is like his own child. Sure, the elder Winchester loves Sam and would give his life for his little brother without a second thought, but his affection for the Impala knows no bounds.

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Baby is eternal
Like Sam and Dean, Baby has been put through the wringer on numerous occasions. But gunfire, explosive crashes and even demonic possessions have yet to stop her. Just like those resilient brothers, who've risen from the dead more often than Netflix has swooped in to save a canceled series, she keeps coming back for more.

Here's to you, Baby, a true icon. Long may you live!

Supernatural's 300th episode airs Thursday, Feb. 7 at 8/7c on the CW.

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