Wed Nov 25 11:00am
Laura the Giganotosaurus; Dinosaur Poop! PBS

Buddy learns that Laura Giganotosaurus, a large dinosaur who frequently rides the Dinosaur Train, is an avid bird watcher and, like him, is a three-toed theropod. Then Buddy and Tiny discover that all creatures go to the bathroom.

I’ll Watch16 Watching
Wed Nov 25 11:30am
That's Not a Dinosaur; Tiny's Garden PBS

The Pteranodon children are accused of not being dinosaurs when they compete to win a leaf necklace at a block party; Tiny hopes to see her favorite flowers when the Nature Trackers visit the Big Pond.

I’ll Watch18 Watching
Thu Nov 26 11:00am
Derek the Deinonychu; Don's Dragonfly PBS

Buddy, Tiny and Mom visit a family of Deinonychus dinosaurs, which have sharp toe-claws. Then a red-footed dragonfly named Howard makes a new friend.

I’ll Watch10 Watching
Thu Nov 26 11:30am
The Earthquake; Nursery Car PBS

The kids meet a relative of Tank Triceratops, an early ceratopsian named Penelope Protoceratops. Later, they discover that a nursery car has been added to the train.

I’ll Watch16 Watching
Fri Nov 27 11:00am
One Small Dinosaur; T. Rex Migration PBS

Buddy and Tiny meet Mikey Microraptor, one of the smallest dinosaurs. Then, when Annie Tyrannosaurus isn't home, the pair turn into sleuths and follow clues to find her.

I’ll Watch13 Watching
Fri Nov 27 11:30am
Hootin' Hadrosaurs!; Hatching Party PBS

Perry Parasaurolophus, a dinosaur with a crest on his head, teaches Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don a new way to hoot hip tunes. Later Buddy and Tiny attend an egg-hatching party, where they meet their pal Cory Corythosaurus' new siblings.

I’ll Watch16 Watching
Mon Nov 30 11:00am
The Lost Bird; The Forest Fire PBS

The kids learn that the train has added an aviary car. Later, they take a hike through the woods, where they observe life returning following a forest fire.

I’ll Watch12 Watching
Mon Nov 30 11:30am
The Theropod Club; Surprise Party PBS

Tiny feels left out when Buddy joins a special club for dinosaurs that eat meat, walk on two legs and have three-toed feet. Then Tiny, Shiny and Don throw a surprise party for Buddy on the Dinosaur Train.

I’ll Watch15 Watching
Tue Dec 1 11:00am
The Old Spinosaurus & the Sea; A Spiky Tail Tale PBS

The kids meet a grumpy old dinosaur when Dad takes them fishing in a new place; Buddy and Tiny play referee in an argument between two very big and fierce dinosaurs.

I’ll Watch27 Watching
Tue Dec 1 11:30am
Dry Times at Pteradon Terrace; Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest PBS

The family camp at Big Pond during a drought; Dad takes part in a fishing contest.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Wed Dec 2 11:00am
Hurricane at Pteronadon Terrace; Rafting the Cretaceous PBS

The family ride out a hurricane in a cave; two refugees from across the Western Interior Sea arrive on a raft.

I’ll Watch21 Watching
Wed Dec 2 11:30am
The Burrowers; Shiny's Sea Shells PBS

The Pteranodon family meet a family of burrowing dinosaurs who put on a "Cirque de Soleil"-type show every night; Shiny makes friends with a hermit crab while looking for sea shells with Buddy, Tiny and Don.

I’ll Watch15 Watching
Thu Dec 3 11:00am
Submarine: Otto Opthalmosaurus; King Meets Crystal PBS

The Pteranodons meet a marine reptile named Otto Opthalmosaurus when they take a submarine to visit their pal Elmer Elasmosaurus; Tiny and Buddy help King overcome his nervousness at talking to a singer named Crystal at the Troodon Town Music Festival.

I’ll Watch23 Watching
Thu Dec 3 11:30am
Submarine: Shoshana Shonosaurus; All Kinds of Families PBS

The family meet a marine reptile named Shoshana Shonisaurus, who helps Tiny overcome her fear of diving; Mom introduces Buddy to another adopted dinosaur.

I’ll Watch21 Watching
Fri Dec 4 11:00am
Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus; Date Night PBS

The Pteranodons meet Maisie and Marvin Mosasaurus, daughter and father lizards who are large and have flippers; the kids have their first babysitter when Mom and Dad go out for their anniversary.

I’ll Watch134 Watching
Fri Dec 4 11:30am
Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale; Rocket Train PBS

The Pteranodons and Mr. Conductor follow baby Archelon turtles into the sea and learn that they fend for themselves and grow to be giant-sized turtles; a new, faster train takes to the tracks.

I’ll Watch290 Watching
Sun Dec 6 6:30am
Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus; Date Night PBS

The Pteranodons meet Maisie and Marvin Mosasaurus, daughter and father lizards who are large and have flippers; the kids have their first babysitter when Mom and Dad go out for their anniversary.

I’ll Watch134 Watching
Mon Dec 7 11:00am
Trains, Submarines and ZeppelinsNew PBS

In the Season 4 premiere, Mr. Pteranodon and Larry miss the last train home while they're collecting red platanoids at the Big Pond.

Mon Dec 7 11:30am
King Cryolophosaurus; Buddy the Tracker PBS

Buddy, Tiny, Don and Mom meet a reclusive dinosaur named King, who likes to sing; Buddy and Don discover fossilized footprints near Big Pond that date back millions of years.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Tue Dec 8 11:00am
Dinosaurs in the Snow; Cretaceous Conifers PBS

Buddy and family travel to the North Pole, where the kids experience snow for the first time and the entire family celebrates Mom's favorite holiday, winter solstice. Later they learn about evergreen trees and decorate them at a holiday party.

I’ll Watch17 Watching
Tue Dec 8 11:30am
The Old Bird; Diamond Don PBS

Buddy, Tiny, Mom and Petey Peteinosaurus meet Arlene Archeopteryx, who is both a bird and a dinosaur; Shiny and Don have an adventure in a local cave.

I’ll Watch16 Watching