Pruitt Taylor Vince Pruitt Taylor Vince

The Walking Dead has cast its first new victim, er, actor for its sophomore season.

Pruitt Taylor Vince has landed a recurring role as Otis in Season 2 of the AMC zombie drama, TVLine reports.

First look: The Walking Dead Season 2

According to the graphic novels on which The Walking Dead is based, Otis is a rather easygoing but racist survivor who, with his girlfriend Patricia, took refuge at Wiltshire Estates until it was overrun by zombies. They later flee to Herschel's Farm, where they meet with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of survivors under less than optimal circumstances. We won't reveal any more spoilers, but hey, they're living in a zombie apocalypse. Circumstances won't really be ideal for a while.

Vince was last seen as Internal Affairs agent J.J. LaRoche on The Mentalist. His TV resume also includes Deadwood and Murder One.

For more on Season 2, check out this behind-the-scenes video of The Walking Dead's first day back shooting:

The 13-episode second season is scheduled to come back in the fall.