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When we last caught up with Jahil (Benjamin Bratt), he'd fallen on hard times after losing out as manager of Big Trouble and walking in on the gruesome scene of his ex Eva (Sharlene Taulé) and godson Hunter (Chad James Buchanan) shot dead. Little does he know, he hasn't even hit rock bottom yet. Facing limited options and having no one to back him up, the start of Season 2 will see him more desperate than ever.

"He's emotionally empty because everything he's cared about has been taken away from him," Bratt tells TV Guide. "But he also is in great financial debt to these mobsters."

With his back against a wall, there's no telling how far he'll go to escape these mounting problems but, according to Bratt, the solution isn't money.

STAR Adds an ER Alum for Pivotal Role

"He's got no money so he's gotta pay another way," he added.

Oh no! Something tells us he's about to do something pretty drastic in order to pay them back...like ask Carlotta for help? Knowing their love-hate relationship, that's easier said than done.

STAR returns Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c on Fox.