Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar

What was it like for Robin Williams to return to TV after all these years?

"For me, it was wonderful," Williams tells "It was like a movie because there was no live audience, even though the first day we had all these people show up to watch...They [were like], 'Riff, White Boy!'"

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Thirty-two years after Williams starred on Mork & Mindy, he's back in prime time playing an ad executive about to lose his company's biggest client on CBS's The Crazy OnesSarah Michelle Gellar costars as his daughter and business partner.

"She wants to be like her father so badly, but she doesn't realize she has so much of him in her," Gellar says.

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Watch the interview below to find out more about the two veteran actors' dynamic and who they'd love to have cameo on the show. (Williams does a great impression of his pick.)

The Crazy Ones premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c on CBS.

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