Steve Byrne Steve Byrne


Oh, sorry, I momentarily mistook TBS' new sitcom for something funny. Like Cheers — echoes of which kept ringing in my TV memory bank as I slogged my way through the back-to-back episodes of the instantly forgettable Sullivan & Son (Thursday, 10/9c), the channel's latest attempt to produce something as amusing as the popular sitcom repeats that pepper the TBS schedule.

Sullivan & Son certainly feels like something you've seen before. Only done much better. At times it feels as if someone unearthed the failed first draft of Cheers. (Show-runner Rob Long is a Cheers veteran, which is no excuse.) While there's nothing inherently wrong with comfort-food retro sitcomedy, this cringe-inducing collection of broad barroom clichés has the effect of being served endless rounds of flat beer.

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