Real World: Washington D.C. - Mike Real World: Washington D.C. - Mike

Hookups. Bacchanalian nights. Fights. You can expect all that on The Real World: DC (premieres Wednesday, 10/9c), but the 23rd season of the MTV series will also mark a shift in tone as the eight twentysomethings get socially involved, interning at various political establishments around the city. "I think it will be a pleasant surprise to see that not only can you go out and take shots, get to know people and have fun," cast member Mike Manning tells, "but at the same, you can wake up the next morning and meet with a congressman about global warming or about equal rights or marriage equality. See what else the 22-year-old, who worked with the Human Rights Campaign, had to say about his experience, what to expect this season and why he hates being called the "token gay guy." Why did you audition?
Mike Manning:
My friend asked if I would audition and I tagged along because he promised me free lunch. It was just random. ... I won't forget the look on his face when they were like, "All right, thank you very much. Oh wait, Mike, you can stay."

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