The Butler Bulldogs and The Connecticut Huskies The Butler Bulldogs and The Connecticut Huskies

Like the Connecticut Huskies, Dancing With the Stars reigned as champ, far outdrawing the NCAA championship game culminating March Madness.

Dancing With the Stars  averaged 21.38 million viewers Monday night, while the game, in which UConn snagged the crown from the Butler Bulldogs, 53-41, pulled in 17.34 million in the two hours it aired in prime time. In the hour, the programs went head to head, ABC's Dancing prevailed, 22.37 million vs. 16.03 million.

The game on CBS declined from last year's title matchup between Duke and Butler in the 56 biggest U.S. television markets, but it wasn't immediately clear Tuesday afternoon by how much.

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It was mostly reruns, otherwise. Against Dancing in the first hour of Monday's prime time, repeats of The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement pulled in 9.60 million and 7.38 million viewers on CBS, respectively; a rerun of Fox's House drew 4.44 million, a Chuck repeat on NBC grabbed 2.46 million. A 90210 rerun only got 862,000 on the CW.

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At 9/8c, a rerun of Fox's The Chicago Code totaled nearly 3.88 million, and a repeat of CW's Gossip Girl drew 680,000. A fresh episode of NBC's The Event attracted 3.93 million viewers.

Castle finished second in prime time's final hour against basketball, drawing 11.70 million people, while Harry's Law got 7.40 million.