Walking Dead Action Figure Walking Dead Action Figure

You've been warned! This November, four Walking Dead action figures — designed to look like the actors on AMC's chilling zombie saga, which returns in October — are hitting stores. (Figures based on the hand-drawn characters in the graphic novels will be out in September.)

Deputy sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) comes with two guns, a walkie-talkie, a baseball bat and a hand grenade. (Other figures, which will be sold at Barnes & Noble and Toys "R" Us, include troublemaker Daryl Dixon and a dismemberable Zombie Walker and Biter.)

"Andrew was intense when I asked him to give me a wide range of emotions, from laughing to savage anger," says toy designer Todd McFarlane of McFarlane Toys. "He was literally reciting lines to himself. 'Put your gun down, dammit!' And then I'd tell him to freeze. He really got into it."

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