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Want to hang out at Justin Bieber's house? It might cost you $5 million!

Bieber is requiring that all guests who visit his Calabasas, Calif., mansion sign confidentiality agreement contracts agreeing not to reveal details of what they see and hear inside, TMZ reports.

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"Under no circumstances" are guests allowed to divulge details of their stay though personal texts, Twitter posts, social media sites, press interviews or "any media whatsoever," the contract states, according to TMZ. All images and videos of Bieber, as well as information about his physical health and world views, are "confidential, private, secret and sensitive," the document says.

The penalty for blabbing about Bieber? $5 million. However, it remains to be seen whether these damages can be established in a court of law.

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Interestingly, the document warns of activities at the pop singer's pad that are "potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained ... [including] minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death."

This is the latest bad press for the 19-year-old pop singer, who was greeted with boos when he accepted the first-ever Milestone Award at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards.

Would you sign a confidentiality agreement to party with Biebs?