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So much for that boycott: MTV's Jersey Shore has scored a new advertiser just a week after several sponsors bailed over the content of the controversial show, has confirmed.

MTV exec: It bums me out people are offended by Jersey Shore, a Web site that does background checks, jumped on board after hearing about the vacant slots, Danny Canarick, a rep for the company, told "We thought that it was a really great opportunity to get our message out there," he said. "It certainly fits into part of the audience we're trying to reach. One of the things we talk about at our company is that background checks used to be really associated with major corporations and what we're saying now is that everyone has the ability to run a background check."

Domino's and American Family Insurance pulled their ads from the show after its premiere last week, which sparked outrage from a slew of Italian-American groups. UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization in the U.S., has also called for an advertising boycott.

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