House House

As happy endings go, Drs. House and Wilson riding off into the sunset on their motorcycles after eight seasons (accompanied by the jaunty tune "Enjoy Yourself: It's Later Than You Think") was an awfully satisfying coda to House's series finale Monday night. More sweet than bitter, as they opt to spend whatever time Wilson has left on the open road, not in the clinical confines of Princeton Plainsboro. These cranky BFFs were meant for and deserve each other, and there are worse ways of remembering them.

Like ever being reminded of the tedious hour that led up to this final scene. "Cancer's boring" are House's last words before the music swells and their bikes fade into the leafy landscape. Forget cancer. "Everybody Dies" (a title echoing the pilot episode's "Everybody Lies") was so ponderous I figured if the fire raging around House didn't kill him, all the hot air would.

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