Michael Vartan, <i>HawthoRNe</i> Michael Vartan, HawthoRNe

The med drama HawthoRNe checks back in for Season 2 tonight at 9/8c on TNT with Jada Pinkett Smith's supernurse Christina working at a new hospital. And for Michael Vartan's hotter-than-a-fever Dr. Tom Wakefield, that could mean a prescription for romance.

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TV Guide Magazine: Big changes this year, huh?
Vartan: Yeah, it's almost like a different show. This season is really amped up. My relationship with Jada's character...those two are getting it on, and it's messy and brutal and emotional.

TV Guide Magazine: Didn't Christina's husband just die?
Vartan: I know. [Laughs] TV time is like dog years.

TV Guide Magazine: And it gets messy?
Vartan: The actual lovemaking hopefully isn't! The emotional aftermath and the toll it takes on them is. I'd like to think the lovemaking is expert and quite wonderful.

TV Guide Magazine: So what's your take on this rumored Alias remake?
Vartan: It seems completely preposterous to me. It's too early. I'm sure Jennifer [Garner] can still run down a hallway, and I can still shoot a gun. If they want to do it in 20 years, I'll understand, but come on!

TV Guide Magazine: Jada, Jennifer, J.Lo — when are you gonna work with a hot chick?
Vartan: Yeah, I am so sick of working with these "character" actresses. They're really hard to look at, and I have to create all of this chemistry that's not there.

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