The kids are growing up on Gotham.

When we last left off with the Batman origin series Bruce (David Mazouz) was taking another giant step towards becoming the vigilante we all know he will one day become, while Selina (Camren Bicondova) embraced the whip of Catwoman — literally.

Neither of the young teenagers have fully embraced their adult alter egos, but their paths towards ending up on the opposite sides of the crime war in their dark city are being defined. They will never be able to go back to throwing bagels at each other in Wayne Manor, as Mazouz told TV Guide during the Television Critics Association summer press tour earlier this month.

Gotham Casts New Villain and Friend for Bruce

Mazouz teases that something much more exciting is in store for Bruce and Selina though. Their relationship will continue to develop and "Proto-Catwoman" and baby-vigilante Bruce will begin interacting with each other in a way that more closely resembles the bond between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the comic books. In some cases that's straight enemies, but more often it's borderline friends with a lot of sexual tension and opposing views on how to save the day — and who they are saving it for.

Gotham returns Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c on Fox.