Gotham is getting a couple of new faces for Season 4 according to TVLine, which reports that Marina Benedict and Benjamin Stockham will join the cast this year.

Benedict is set to play Cherry, the owner of a fight club in The Narrows a.k.a Gotham's most dangerous neighborhood. This fight club will host some of the heaviest hitters in Gotham's underground criminal scene like Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) and Solomon Grundy (Drew Powell). It's probably safe to assume that she'll be an intimidating new villain for the series, given the company she keeps.

You probably remember Benedict from her recent role in Prison Break's revival over on Fox, in which she played a cold-blooded assassin. She also appeared in Starz's Flesh and Bone and the BBC's Torchwood.

Stockham on the other hand is harder to pin down. His character, Alex Winthrop, will befriend Bruce (David Mazouz) during the teen's search for a mysterious artifact. There's no doubt that Bruce deserves a new buddy, but we're operating under a "guilty until proven innocent" policy when it comes to Bruce's new friends.

Stockham previously starred in About a Boy, Sons of Tucson and 1600 Penn.

Gotham premieres Thursday, September 21st at 8/7c on Fox.

Marina Benedict, <em>Perception</em>Marina Benedict, Perception