Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble

Our recent Fall TV Scorecard (in which we offer our take on various shows' chances for renewal or cancellation) merely suggested that things might not be looking so good for the low-rated Fringe  — and boy, did we hear about it! Your outpouring of support for the Fox drama made it the No. 1 show in our Social Power Rankings.

Seriously though. Fringe freaks went cray-zy at the mere mention of its potential cancellation. @drebombay tweeted, "OMG, if @FringeOnFox got canceled, I would cry, full out. It fills the hole in my heart left by #TheXFiles. Best show out there!" On, ChristineTV also fears for her own emotional stability. "I will likely enter a fugue state when Fringe is canceled. It is the best show on television! Fox, I will quit you for good if you cancel Fringe."

Is an uproar against Fox imminent? Quite possibly! "We should flood the network with emails to keep Fringe on the air!" said amish2000 on

What do you think? Would you just die if Fox canceled Fringe?

Here's what else has you talking this week: The Oscars! (they're Sunday) and Summer Glau's guest spot on Grey's Anatomy.

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