Question: I agree with you about Lynette's kids being unbearable on Desperate Housewives. I've never figured out how someone who's as 'take no prisoners' as Lynette has such bratty offspring.

Answer: Well, either Marc Cherry is a closeted Aushole, or he's fed up with them as well. In Monday's USA Today, he told reporter Will Keck that he's considering downsizing Lynette's demonic progeny. "I will probably do a storyline about one of the women, probably Lynette, dealing with the death of a child because I think it's one of the saddest things that can happen to a human being." Except in this one instance. 

On that very tasteful note, the first AA of '08 comes to a close. Under normal circumstances, I'd take this moment to shamelessly plug my red-carpet coverage at this Sunday's Golden Globes, but, as you've no doubt heard, the frakkin' thing's been called off. First press tour, now this. The whole world has gone mad, I tell ya, mad. Eh, let's look on the bright side: Everything hasn't been canceled. There's still my vodcast. And my blog. And the AA tipline. Use 'em, abuse 'em, and, most importantly, happy 2008! It's all uphill from here I pray.

Additional reporting by Megan Cherkezian