24 Hour Catwalk 24 Hour Catwalk

Jeers to Lifetime for devaluing its fashion shows.

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It's bad enough that the cable network is doing Project Runway All Stars without the show's true stars — Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. (Never mind that they already did an All Stars special when the show relaunched its post-Bravo version.)But after tarnishing the franchise with the tacky Project Accessory, Lifetime is doing further damage with 24 Hour Catwalk. This Project Runway-on-speed, hosted by the annoyingly chipper Cat Deeley wannabe Alexa Chung, features ridiculous challenges like designing clothes for "glamping" (short for "glamorous camping"). Is that a thing? And doesn't the network know the biggest threat to a stylish brand are cheap knockoffs?What do you think of Lifetime's parade of fashion shows?

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