Bryant Cranston and Aaron Paul, <i>Breaking Bad</i> Bryant Cranston and Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad's fourth season, Walter White may finally accept what viewers have known for a while now: Walt is not a good man.

When viewers first met Walt (Bryan Cranston), running around the desert in tighty-whiteys after his first kill, his plight as a terminally-ill-chemistry-teacher-turned-crystal-meth-maker was still somewhat relatable. But after telling a mountain of lies, collecting boatloads of cash and committing a few more murders, Walt now seems about as black as his alter ego Heisenberg's porkpie hat.

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"He has accepted who he is and embraced who he is," Cranston tells "For the first three seasons, even though he was doing some dubious things, he was able to try to hide behind that cloak of 'I'm doing it for [my family],' Now he knows. He's been seduced."

So how do viewers root for Walt? After years of wrestling with that question himself, creator and executive producer Vince Gilligan says viewers have probably stopped rooting for his main character, and that's OK. "With every step Walt takes toward criminality and darkness, Walt becomes less likable. But also with every step he takes, he becomes more interesting," Gilligan tells "The more episodes we make, the more I realize that it's not just about being likable; it's about being interesting. It's about being dramatically gripping."

And the show's fourth-season premiere (Sunday, 10/9c, AMC), which is as intense and addictive as Walt's blue meth, has no problems on that front. The new season picks up right after last year's cliff-hanger: In order to prevent their boss Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) from killing them, Walt dispatched his partner Jesse (Aaron Paul) to murder Gus' backup chemist, Gale (David Costabile). Regardless of whether Jesse's aim was true, Walt and Jesse are almost certain to be living in fear this season.

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