Rachel, Dave and Phil Keoghan Rachel, Dave and Phil Keoghan

Dave and Rachel Brown made history on The Amazing Race 20, claiming the $1 million for a franchise record eighth victory on Sunday's finale — but not before making some other dubious history. The married Army couple accidentally skipped a second Roadblock and arrived at the finish line, where they became the first team ever to be turned back by Phil Keoghan for not completing the final course. They managed to recover and officially win the Race. "Can we say we won it twice? I said on the show last night, we had eight and a half wins since we went there once," Dave tells TVGuide.com. "It was such a great feeling when we got back the second time knowing we did it correctly and realizing that we were still first." See what else they have to say about their win, what they're gonna do with the money, and their U-Turn drama with Art and JJ.

Who won The Amazing Race?

Congratulations! How does it feel to win after almost losing it?
[Laughs] Thank you! It was just a relief, I think. A huge relief! We definitely didn't want to be the first ones to lose from a screwup like that.

How did you miss the Roadblock? Did the cab drop you off and you didn't look to see if it was the right place?
Well, the cab dropped us off at a couple of spots. We kept getting out and people were saying "Oh, it's that way." It was really a dirt path, so we found a route marker, but it was the wrong route marker, obviously, because it was for the final challenge. So we just stumbled into it because they were only about three-quarters of a mile apart. So imagine our surprise when Phil told us we had to go back.

They didn't really show your reaction. What went through your mind when he told you?
Actually, my initial reaction, having completed the first Roadblock — the shaved ice one — that was a 45-minute helicopter ride afterward from [one island to another]. I was under the impression that I had done something wrong there and there was no way obviously that we could recover from that. At that point, it probably would've been a three-hour cab drive and we wouldn't have had the money to cover it. We were both quite taken for a couple of minutes until we refocused our energy and we figured out there was another Roadblock.
At first, I thought Phil was kidding, so I was laughing. I think they showed some of that. I was like, "Aw, very funny, Phil!" But he wasn't laughing back!
Dave: We've seen the show in the past and there was no way Phil was gonna joke about whether or not you just won The Amazing Race. For as much time and effort that they put into the production aspect, I knew that we had done something absolutely catastrophic.
Rachel: And we had no idea where the other teams were. We figured Brendon and Rachel were right on our tail, which is kind of funny because we didn't see them. Even when we were paddling the first time, we thought, "Are we first or second?" We had no idea because we didn't see them.

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