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After seven straight wins at the Primetime Emmy Awards for reality-competition series, The Amazing Race was dethroned this year by Top Chef — a loss that Phil Keoghan sees as a positive. "Change is just a really good thing," the Amazing Race host tells "And it only makes us want to continue to make a good show, which I think we've done this year." The globe-trotting series' 17th installment kicks off Sunday with a new and heavily-hyped game-changer called the Express Pass. See what Keoghan has to say about the new element, what teams you should watch out for, and if Padma Lakshmi really hit him on the Emmys red carpet. I was bummed you guys lost the Emmy, but seven years is a really good run.
Phil Keoghan:
Yeah, I think change is always good. It's funny because I was using a surfing analogy on the red carpet about how working in the entertainment industry is a little bit like surfing in a sense because if you get on a good wave, a wave will always break no matter how good the ride is. It was just weird that we went seven in a row and the wave broke, since in surfing, every seventh wave is the big wave and then it cycles again.

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