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The animated adventures of an elementary-school student with super powers and a wonderful vocabulary.

Premiered: September 3, 2007

Rating: TV-Y7

User Rating:4.63 out of 5 (102 ratings)

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Captain Tangent / Chuck and Brent Ride Again Season 3, Episode 7 Nov 8, 2010 Subscription

From PBS KIDS - Captain Tangent: When Becky and her family go out to dinner at Blackbeard's Buffet, they encounter a new villain, Captain Tangent - a teenage pirate with a magnetic hook and talking parrot. It's up to WordGirl to stop him from stealing her mom's trophy and all the coins (a.k.a. doubloons) in the city. Chuck and Brent Ride Again: Chuck's famous brother Brent is in a slump; he lost his confidence. Chuck happily takes him under his wing and tries to make Brent his new sidekick. On a routine robbery at the sub shop, Brent gets sidetracked by Reuben Grinder, the owner who wants to talk about innovations in sandwich-making.

Victoria Best / Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout Season 3, Episode 6 Oct 11, 2010 Subscription

From PBS KIDS - Victoria Best: New student (and villain) Victoria Best wins all but one of the trophies at the school assembly. When Becky's trophy goes missing, WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face come up with a contest that will thwart Victoria's evil trophy stealing plans. Showdown at the Secret Spaceship Hideout: During the latest encounter between WordGirl and Dr. Two Brains, Two-Brains hits himself with his snooze-ray. When he and his Henchmen wake up from their slumber, they find themselves in WordGirl's secret spaceship hideout. WordGirl must battle them for control of the snooze-ray and her secret hideout.

Tobey's Tricks and Treats/Escape Wham Season 2, Episode 34 Oct 23, 2009 Paid

From PBS KIDS - After losing the costume contest at school, Tobey sets his Robots on a candy-stealing spree and vows to ruin Halloween. Becky and Violet (in her WordGirl costume) plot to save the holiday… and the city. When both Chuck and the Whammer attempt to steal famous, priceless Henry VIII artifacts, WordGirl assumes they're partners in crime. But instead of working together, the two villains end up battling each other. Wham!

Cherish Is the Word / Granny's Intuition Season 2, Episode 32 Oct 15, 2009 Subscription

From PBS KIDS - Cherish Is the Word: It's Valentines Day! All of the kids at school are making special valentines to share with their special friends. But when Victoria Best runs off with all of the cards, will she ruin Valentine's Day for everyone? It's up to WordGirl to swoop in and save the day. Granny's Intuition: According to the local news Granny May seems to be figuring out who's been committing the latest crime sprees that are sweeping the city. When Granny May chalks it up to her intuition, WordGirl has a hunch that this villain hasn't changed her ways.

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Mon Aug 3 6:30pm
El Queso Misterioso; Putt With Honor PBS

Becky's father wants the family to spend a day together at a magic convention, but Dr. Two-Brains is causing trouble across town; Becky discovers that Eileen is cheating in a mini-golf tournament that TJ hopes to win.

Tue Aug 4 6:30pm
Accordion to Tradition; Can't Touch This PBS

Becky inherits Mrs. Botsford's old accordion, but her practice is interrupted by Granny May, who's cracking safes all across town; and Becky's family stumbles across WordGirl's secret hideout while on a hike in the woods.

Wed Aug 5 6:30pm
The Best of the Best; Art's PartsNew PBS

Becky has doubts about TJ's new friend; and WordGirl tracks an art thief.