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Japanese live-action adventures of a superhero from another planet who defended Earth against monsters from outer space. The '60s series---from Eiji Tsuburaya, the creator of `Godzilla'---was a huge hit in Japan and spawned numerous movies and TV spin-offs (more…)

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Farewell, Ultraman! Season 1, Episode 39 Paid

In this final episode of the Ultraman television series, a fiendish alien race, the Z-Ton Aliens, plots to conquer Earth. While plotting to cripple the Science Patrol Headquarters, they dispatch their giant insect-like monster, Z-Ton, to destroy it from the outside. After the Science Patrol destroy the Z-Ton fleet, Ultraman intervenes, but the monster proves to be more than a match for him! Will Ultraman, or the Science Patrol, be able to destroy Z-Ton? If Ultraman fails, what will happen next . .

The Spaceship Rescue Command Season 1, Episode 38 Paid

The Science Patrol takes to the stars and learns that a missing piece of equipment could cause Space Station V2 to explode. After determining that the closest replacement is on a nearby planet, the Science Patrol makes a beeline for it...only to encounter a pair of ferocious monsters in their path.

The Little Hero Season 1, Episode 37 Paid

When Pigmon, the cute human-sized monster thought to have been killed in Episode 8, inexplicably re-appears in the toy section of a department store, the Science Patrol learns that a giant creature with the ability to resurrect monsters has appeared in Japan.

Don't Shoot, Arashi! Season 1, Episode 36 Paid

A monster with the power to emit blinding flashes of light is terrorizing Japan. The Science Patrol's attempts to subdue it only cause it to mutate into a new form. The orders come to halt the attack, but the creature continues its rampage? Until Ultraman steps in to stop it.