Transformers Prime Episodes

2010, TV Show

Transformers Prime Season 1 episodes

One Shall Rise Season 1, Episode 26

In the conclusion of the three-part Season 1 finale, the Autobots go to the Earth's core to fight for the planet; and Jack uncovers info about Optimus' background. read more

One Shall Rise Season 1, Episode 25

In Part 2 of the three-part Season 1 finale, the Autobots acquire a surprising ally in their battle to save Earth. read more

One Shall Rise Season 1, Episode 24

In Part 1 of the three-part Season 1 finale, Earth has an outbreak of natural disasters, caused by Dark Energon. read more

One Shall Fall Season 1, Episode 23

The Decepticons quickly try to build a space bridge before a prophesied darkness arrives. read more

Stronger, Faster Season 1, Episode 22

Ratchet becomes a threat to everyone after he injects himself with an experimental substance. read more

T.M.I. Season 1, Episode 21

Bulkhead acquires a top-secret formula, and the Decepticons come after him for it. read more

Partners Season 1, Episode 20

Starscream makes an unexpected request after he is captured by Optimus. read more

Rock Bottom Season 1, Episode 19

Two patrolling Autobots end up trapped in a cave with their enemies, Starscream and Megatron. read more

Metal Attraction Season 1, Episode 18

The Autobots try to claim a magnetic weapon before the Decepticons get to it. read more

Crisscross Season 1, Episode 17

Airachnid makes a deal with Silas to get revenge against Arcee and Jack. read more

Operation: Breakdown Season 1, Episode 16

MECH agents capture a Decepticon, and the Autobots mount a rescue. read more

Shadowzone Season 1, Episode 15

The kids are stranded with Skyquake in an alternate dimension during a GroundBridge malfunction. read more

Out of His Head Season 1, Episode 14

Megatron controls Bumblebee from inside his mind and influences his behavior at HQ. read more

Sick Mind Season 1, Episode 13

A Decepticon plague infects Optimus Prime, so Arcee and Bumblebee sneak onto the Nemesis to find the cure. read more

Predatory Season 1, Episode 12

Arcee must protect Jack when a routine mission is complicated by Airachnid's arrival. read more

Speed Metal Season 1, Episode 11

Jack tries to be impressive, with Bumblebee's help, but Knockout's arrivals sends things out of control. read more

Deus Ex Machina Season 1, Episode 10

Miko and Bulkhead go up against Starscream and Breakdown as they go to Greece to retrieve an Energon Harvester. read more

Convoy Season 1, Episode 9

The Autobots are attacked while helping Agent Fowler transport an implosion device. read more

Con Job Season 1, Episode 8

Bulkhead awaits a visit from his buddy Wheeljack, but his arrival does not go as planned. read more

Scrapheap Season 1, Episode 7

Scraplets invade HQ while Optimus and Arcee patrol the Arctic, leaving Bumblee and Ratchet to repel the enemy. read more

Masters & Students Season 1, Episode 6

Starscream pursues other interests while Skyquake battles with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. read more

Darkness Rising Season 1, Episode 5

Conclusion. The Decepticons and the Terrorcons go into battle against the Autobots. read more

Darkness Rising Season 1, Episode 4

Part 4 of 5. The Autobots try to stave off an attack from Megatron's Terrorcons to protect their human wards. read more

Darkness Rising Season 1, Episode 3

Part 3 of 5. Bulkhead is unknowingly shadowed by Miko as he goes to rescue Agent Fowler, who was kidnapped by the Decepticons. read more

Darkness Rising Season 1, Episode 2

Part 2 of 5. The Autobots go in search of Cliffjumper, whose life signal is weak, and find Megatron wielding the dangerous dark Energon. read more

Darkness Rising Season 1, Episode 1

Part 1 of 5. The Autobots go on alert as the Decepticons return to Earth in the series opener. Meanwhile, a group of humans find themselves with new caretakers after stumbling into the middle of the Autobots' conflict with the Decepticons. read more

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Premiered: November 26, 2010, on The Hub
Rating: TV-Y7
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Premise: The Autobots and Decepticons battle for Earth.



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