Cranky but likable L.A. PI Jim Rockford pulled no punches (but took plenty of them) in this popular 1970s series, which won the star an Emmy and brought the character back in several TV-movies. Rockford was an ex-con (sent to the slammer for a crime he didn't commit) who took on cases others didn't want. He was aided by his tough old man, his lawyer girlfriend and some shady associates from his past.


Guest Stars

Joseph `Rocky' Rockford, Rocky
Hammel, Muellard, Witbeck
Richie, Richie Brockelman
Anthony Boy, Eddie, Tommy
Bob Coleman, Clementi, Coombs, Murdock
Peggy, Peggy Becker
Blake Sternlight, Bud
Jackie Cooper
Capt. Highland, McGregor
Collier, George Bassett, Larsen, Moss
Danny, Danny Green, Jay
Tommy Minnette
Princess, Princess Rachevsky
Harold Gould
Mr. Brockelman
Shana Bowie, Sorel
Joan Van Ark
Christina, Susan
`Howling Mad' Smith, Al Jollett, Wronko
Kim Hunter
Mrs. Brockelman
Ritchie, Tim Ritchie
Whitney, Whitney Cox
Ned Beatty
Brennan, Fielder
Rita Moreno
Rita Capkovic
St. Cloud, Vern, Vern St. Cloud
Chalco, Johnny LoSalvo
Clyde, Gertmanian, Sondman
Jerry, Jerry Grimes
Charles Martell, Martell
Janet, Linda Hassler, Tracy
Gustav, Mel, Smith
Garvey, Sgt. Garvey
Johnny, Tedesco
Joseph Lombard, Talib
Hector Elizondo
Falcone, Micelli
Kasajian, Ralph Steel
Henry Gersh, Minett
Donnegan, Willett
Atcheson, White
Krasny, Stehler
Irving Rockfelt, Patrick
Bill, Tooley
Pittson, Whispering Willie
Dominic Marcon, Manny
Joe Zakarian, Russo
William Daniels
Gary Bevins, Thomas Caine
Markel, Melvyn
Al Halusca, Wexler
Gordon Lyle, Parsons
Doris Parker, Karen Hathaway
Holt, Mike Wolf
Frishette, Marty
Don Savio, Savio
Dusenberg, Whipple
Animal, Howard
Conigliaro, Eugene
Colavito, George Neff
Dr. Christ, Frank
Chief Towne, Don McLinton
Abe Vigoda
Phil Gabriel
Stan Belding
Linda Bannister
Jon Van Deerlin
Christine Van Deerlin
Davey Woodhull
Aaron Ironwood
Adrienne Clarke
Richie Gagglio
C.C. Calloway
Buddy Richards
Lauren Ingeborg
Kenny Spector
Sheriff Gladish
Cy Margulies
Donald Pilmer
Charlie Strayhorn
Charlie Harris
Ed La Salle
Arthur Bannister
Mayor Sanders
Barry Brauder
Carrie Osgood
Tony De Michel
Dr. Greenberg

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