Jackie Gleason was dubbed 'The Great One,' and this classic sitcom shows why. These wonderfully timeless episodes (known as the 'Classic 39') are about the Kramdens and Nortons (introduced on the 'Cavalcade of Stars' variety show in 1950) and have flourished in syndication for more than 50 years. 'People like the show because we are them,' Gleason said. Art Carney had his own explanation: 'It was funny, period.' Carney won five Emmys in the role of Norton, while Gleason, inexplicably, never won.


Guest Stars

Bibbo, Charlie, Mr. Martin, Mr. Wilson, Ziggy
Danny, Doctor, Mr. MacGregor, Publisher
Andre, Herbert J. Whiteside
Alice's Mother
Carlos Sanchez
Teddy Oberman
Herb Norris
Bert Weedemeyer
Rita Weedemeyer


Executive Producer (2 Credits)