Skysurfer Strike Force

  • 1995
  • TV Show
  • None

A young daredevil with a rocket-powered skyboard fights crime.

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Skysurfer Strike Force S01 E13 "Terror Toons" Season 1, Episode 13 Dec 10, 1995 $0.99

Cybron discovers an invincible beast in cyrogenic statis in a government lab. His goal is to combine the mutant with his own genetic experiments to spawn a new race of bio-borgs. There's one problem... The chamber's conditions are such that a human would instantly freeze to death if they entered. Easel uses his digitized paint weapon to create 2 living cartoons to retrieve the beast for Cybron.

Skysurfer Strike Force S01 E12 "Killer Ants" Season 1, Episode 12 Dec 3, 1995 $0.99

While in Las Vegas, the Skysurfer Strike Force stumbles upon giant killer ants destroying the city. Even though it seems like one of Cybron's schemes, these devilish mutants may just be a freak of nature, the Strike Force decides.

Skysurfer Strike Force S01 E11 "Life Force Deep" Season 1, Episode 11 Nov 26, 1995 $0.99

Cybron is hijacking athletes in the Florida Everglades and using their lifeforce to transfer it to aged criminals. After Cybron drains Mickey's lifeforce, the remaining Skysurfer Strike Force members leap into action to stop Cybron's plan.

Skysurfer Strike Force S01 E10 "Dogs of Doom" Season 1, Episode 10 Nov 19, 1995 $0.99

Cybron helps four convicts escape to help him take over an oil tycoon's lab. However, Cybron mutates the covicts to dogs to help him travel to Mexico. Skysurfer and the Strike Force follow Cybron to Mexico and battle the canine convicts. Cybron's borgs plant a bomb in the oil tycoon's brain, and unless the Strike Force gives in, the tycoon will be in a messy situation.