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"My Princess" Season 7, Episode 11

Even though by showing it tonight as the last episode of Scrubs NBC intends to air it violates internal chronology Bob Kelso is magically back in charge at Sacred Heart I can see why they kept this charming episode for the season finale And possible series finale though it does seem more likely than not according to various sources on this site and elsewhere that ABC will commission and run at least a few more episodes to make a full seasons worth for the last setUsing a framing device that as others will remind you resembles that of William Goldmans novel The Princess Bride and the film made from it we have the intersecting stories of Elliot and JD attempting to diagnose a young woman patient of Elliots who seems to be getting worse no matter how her symptoms are treated and that of a bedtime story Cox tells his young son which is inspired by the days events in the hospital including Kelsos maniacal drive to ensure no doctors are working overtime and therefore read more

"My Waste of Time" Season 7, Episode 10

And were back to a merely watchable episode albeit one with some inspired bits of business not least a flashback involving Ken Jenkins as the now-retired KelsoKelso has left and Perry Cox is the new Chief of Medicine a fact he insists everyone recognize by addressing him and referring to him as Chief Doctor Cox nonetheless the bureaucratic responsibilities of the office dont sit well with him Jordans presence is at best only mildly helpful with that albeit she does give Cox someone to enumerate his woes with Ted notes that he is now Coxs subordinate and offers the same sort of slavish assistance he provided Kelso till the Janitor points out to Ted that he doesnt have to continue toadying that with Cox he can make a fresh start The exuberant Ted not only begins asserting himself with Cox who is only slightly puzzled but with the Janitor as well who finds himself no longer the undisputed leader of his little group of hospital misfits Meanwhile Turk is co read more

"My Dumb Luck" Season 7, Episode 9

An episode that could stand comfortably with any of the previous seasons episodes the first one in this stymied season that I can write that about without hesitationAnd of course I failed to heed my own advice and forgot that NBC changed time slots for the show on Thursdays to 830p ETPT so missed it last night and caught it today on NBCs website But its a fine sendoff for Ken Jenkinss Kelso with the A story devoted to Elliot and Carlas attempts to rally folks to attend a meeting of the hospitals board of directors to get them to rescind Kelsos forced retirement at age 65 Kelso had falsified his age on HR documents so as to buy himself some time The B story is mostly devoted to Kelsos reminisces about his life at the hospital as delivered to a young intern named Boone or Boon which Kelso with characteristic charm refers to as a stupid name The C story involves Cox unable to diagnose a chronically ill patient whos been in and out of Sacred Heart for mont read more

"My Manhood" Season 7, Episode 8

Angela Nissel the writer who perhaps has made the most of her or his association with Scrubs is credited with this amiable episode and while she does offer a few good wild concepts one of the true pitfalls of the aging sitcom is in evidence here the attempt to make well-rounded characters out of roles which are best preserved as devices Bob Kelso grounded just enough so that he isnt just a two-dimensional two-faced ogreis funny and at times sobering or acidly touching most obviously in the episode where the audience gets to see what he hides from his staff how much life and death decisions take out of him every day Bob Kelso tragic figure who has to depend on Elliot and Carla and for goodnesss sake eventually Cox to rescue him from forced retirement considerably less effective in every wayBut then that last wasnt the only unlikely development in this thinly-plotted but incident-rich episode The A-storyline Turk has apparently returned from a weeks visi read more

"My Bad, Too" Season 7, Episode 7

Finally back and with a good episode albeit one that felt a bit more Sitcom than we might hope for from Scrubsthe pace was right the performances on but the jokes were often just a bit too typical of what we might see in a shall we write lesser show Thats a problem that this series will continue to have as it wraps up on NBC this season and it appears makes its way to ABC for a very short final set of episodesit set such a high bar in its first seasons managed so frequently to pull together its disparate elements even the disparate styles of its performers so well that its almost unfair to expect them to sustain that level of quality into seventh and eighth seasonsparticularly with the syndicated and cablecast evidence of those earlier triumphs available every dayCarla having forgotten a playdate for her infant daughter spirals into an intense guilt trip against herself which Turk allays reassuring her that shes an excellent and attentive mother and th read more

"My Number One Doctor" Season 7, Episode 6

And this is the Scrubs weve seen a little too much of of lategood enough to watch but only intermittently or fitfully funny and perhaps not quite seemlessly mixing the frequent tragedy of medical life with the various sorts of comedy offered upA recap can be pretty quick on this episode since the A B and C plotlines are pretty thin in outline Elliot faces an ethical dilemma when she learns that one of her private-practice patients dying of ALS has landed in the hospital in a suicide attempt Elliot is unsure as to whether to make the authorities and her patients home-healthcare nurse aware of this or to allow the patient to die on her own terms JD suggests she should tell for no better reason than that Elliot tends to let such things get under her skin by episodes end Elliot has decided to keep her patients secret having accidentally let the dying woman know how more effectively to drug herself to death Meanwhile JD having discovered how insanely compe read more

"My Growing Pains" Season 7, Episode 5

Now this was the Scrubs weve come to expectsharp goofy but grounded humane Very funny even when painlessly lecturingJD hangs out at the nurses station with Turkand with his infant son Turk invites JD to play basketball which JD declines pointing out that his son is strapped to his chestTurk suggests that he simply wont pass the ball to JD and JD notes that that would be just like a typical game for them JD also has a brief fantasy about being able to breastfeed his boy one among several large-breasted lactating male cast members a tapped-out JD allows Kelso to feed the child JD had apparently used most of his own milk in winning a squirting duel with Turk who then sprays Kelso and JD in a sneak attack Turk is brought up short by Carla who notes that Turk could be spending time with their daughter Izzy Meanwhile interns are being detailed to follow at a close distance a resident known for his short temper Hooch a character read more

"My Identity Crisis" Season 7, Episode 4

Well like a baseball or beisbol team sometimes a great series needs a rebuilding season My Identity Crisis still wasnt up to the heights of most previous years of Scrubs but it was the funniest episode of the season so far and it will doWe begin with a dream sequence Carla Judy Reyes is making out with her husband Turk Donald Faison in a hospital bed at Sacred Heart Turk pulls out a restraint and binds her wrist to the bedframe but the prospect of kinky fun is dampened by the sudden appearance of JD Zach Braff and then Elliot Sarah Chalke who are there to murder Carla allowing Turk and JD to pal around endlessly and Elliot to steal and raise Carlas daughter Izzi What turns out to be the most disturbing aspect of the nightmare for Carla however when she awakens is that its the first dream she remembers having in English rather than in Spanish Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley is informed by his partner Jordan Christa Miller too absent of late read more

"My Inconvenient Truth" Season 7, Episode 3

Well despite JD Zach Braff finally being told by nearly everyone he knows that he needs to grow up and Coxs useful if revenge-driven demand that Elliot recognize that she is starving herself dangerously this was the frothiest episode of the season so far And yet while pleasant it also managed to be the least funny even given that it was paced like the most like typical Scrubs episodes of past seasonsAs part of NBCs Green Week stunt the episode begins with a discussion between hospital lawyer Ted Sam Lloyd sadly underused this season till this episode and the Janitor over Teds relative eco-friendliness versus the Janitors tendency to leave his van running all day so that its air-conditioned for his drive home Ted shows the Janitor Al Gores augmented-lecture documentary An Inconvenient Truth and the latter is inspired to ask Kelso if he can become the ecology officer for the hospital Assured that it will cost Sacred Heart no money Kelso agrees just to ge read more

"My Hard Labor" Season 7, Episode 2

Another pretty solid episode still not Scrubs at its comic best and still at least as much about the serious subtexts of the series as about the blackouts and fantasy sequencesKim Elizabeth Banks is about to give birth and JD Zach Braff is ready for everything except for openly admitting to Kim that he doesnt love her Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley looks for someone competent to give his infant daughter a shot unwilling to give it to her himself for fear that shell associate him with pain Carla Judy Reyes cant do itsince shes enraged at Turk Donald Faison for his stubborn insistence on playing a console video game to its conclusion or at least for his obliviousness to her need as great as his to be something other than a parent sometimes and to a much lesser extent to his obliviousness to her ability to play the game better than either her husband or the Janitor Neil Flynn Even Kelso Ken Jenkins proves his worth as a parent while drun read more

My Own Worst Enemy Season 7, Episode 1

In the Season 7 opener, J.D. and Elliot evaluate their relationships; Turk attempts to limit his sugar intake by allowing himself only one kind of candy bar; Dr. Cox struggles to diagnose a patient; and the Janitor has a new paramour. Elizabeth Banks guest stars. read more

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Premise: An engaging (and periodically serious) look at hospital work through the eyes of a young intern, coping with unusual challenges presented by colleagues as well as patients. The show is a smart mix of humor and social commentary, and has had a diverse lineup of guest stars, including Colin Hay of Men at Work, Brendan Fraser, Dick Van Dyke and, in one of his rare TV appearances since he left full-time work because of Parkinson's disease, Michael J. Fox.



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