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Project Runway: Finale Part II Season 5, Episode 14

We've finally reached the much-anticipated season finale of Project Runway. With Jerell gone we've got out first all-female final three and there was no shortage of drama, stress, tears and Tim Gunn. So whose collection came out on top and whose didn't make the cut? Keep reading to find out!

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Project Runway Episode Recap: Finale Part 1 Season 5, Episode 13

In part one of the Project Runway season finale, the designers got hit with not one but two extra challenges. We got to see each out of their Parsons element and in their home lives and even saw a glimpse into Kenley’s softer side. Who made the cut and whose designs earned them a spot in Bryant Park? Keep reading to find out.

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“Nature Calls” Season 5, Episode 12

There were tears tears and more tears on this weeks Project Runway In the anticipated episode before the two part finale emotions were flying high and people namely Kenley were being thrown under the bus So who made it to Bryant Park fashion week Well lets find out The episode began with Kenley still blaming Leanne for not working the garment And the 145tude was never-ending Our favorite mentor Tim took the designers on a field trip and when they got off the freeway as Jerell mentioned fyi we dont call them freeways in New York they landed in the gorgeous Botanical Gardens There they were met by Collier Strong consulting makeup artist for LOreal Makeup The task To create an evening gown inspired by the nature surrounding them Kind of a bummer that they re-purposed and recycled some previous challenges for the final week After the remaining four got back to the workroom they had thirty minutes to choose one phot read more

"Rock N Runway" Season 5, Episode 11

Its down to the final five folks This week the tension was building from the moment the designers switched up their models Soon after they were given their two-fold challenge The first part was that theyd be designing for each other I immediately got excited because in previous seasons it was always fun to watch the drama unfold as the designers created garments for each other and it was always humorous to watch them walk the runway The second aspect was that each outfit would be inspired by a specific musical genre As if they were chosen at random Suede had to dress Jerell rock n roll Kenley had to dress Leanne hip-hop Korto had to dress Suede as punk Jerell had to do Kenley as pop and Leanne had to design Korto to be country The fact that Kenley was pop Leanne was hip-hop and Korto was country was all too perfect and I couldnt wait to see what would be in store for them After the usual trip to Mood the designers began creating their garments Kenl read more

"Transformation" Season 5, Episode 10

Finally a challenge that I can relate to Every season theres a common folk challenge and this time around the designers had to create a look for recent college grads that would help them transition from cool-school style to working-world sophistication Who got it right and who missed the mark Keep reading to find outWhen Heidi brought out a group of mothers on the runway the designers were frightened After realizing that it wasnt their own mothers they were immediately nervous that theyd still have to design for gasp older women But luckily for them the twist was that the designs would be for their daughters recent college graduates transitioning to new lives as individual professional women Some were thrilled with their pairings like Kenley whose Anna was a mini version of herself Unfortunately for Leanne her client was Holly an adorable kindergarten teacher but with a mom who would not stop talking She was the Hedda Lettuce148 read more

"What's Your Sign" Season 5, Episode 9

Were getting down to the wire and in this weeks episode not one but two designers were eliminated And boy did the teams and previously eliminated contestants bring out the drama So who made it one step closer to fashion week and who was aufd Keep reading to find out The episode began with Terri being 145tude-y and Kenley feeling confident two themes that carried on throughout When Heidis special guests were revealed as the eliminated designers from this season who would serve as partners Terri was not happy They were told to create an avant garde look inspired by an astrological sign of one of the team members The process to choose the teams was overly confusing but in the end most seemed happy Except for Terri of course who got stuck with Keith and I could only think karma The two got off to a bad start when they couldnt even agree on fabric at Mood Back in the work room we finally had some awesome drama Leanne and her teammate Emi read more

Double 0 Fashion Season 5, Episode 8

This weeks challenge was to design for a fashion legend While we viewers already knew who this would be as Bravo hasnt left any surprises this season the designers were once again left to guess Travelling through the meat-packing district Blayne voiced his love for Mary-Kate hoping she would be the legend to design for I guess these days kids in their twenties are considered legends Not quite Once inside their destination out came Diane von Furstenberg queen of the wrap dress The task To create a look for her fall collection that was inspired by the film A Foreign Affair Instead of the usual trip to Mood the designers got to choose their fabrics from DVFs own sample room It was a good thing she wasnt there to witness her precious materials strewn about in a fury To Kenley this challenge was a dream At first I found her tears and sentiment sweet but she literally did not stop crying which got a little old after awhile Back in the studio S read more

Fashion That Drives You Season 5, Episode 7

Well tonights challenge was certainly out of the box or car I should say After saying goodbye to two models the designers headed to a rooftop to learn what the task would be Could they be designing for a superstar Mariah Carey Unfortunately some hopes were let down as they ended up in a parking garage that lead them to a row of cars which could only be Saturns After hearing about the new Saturn View Hybrid all season we finally got to see what they were made ofliterally The challenge was to use the car parts which were mostly recyclable and create an outfit of their choice Im not gonna lie I actually rocked a seatbelt belt for many years in middle school I was more fashion forward than I realizedAfter the group ran around to gather their items they headed back to the studio where lots of smashing and tearing went on Keith was still in denial over his previous garment He wouldnt shut up about making an outfit this time that the judg read more

Good Queen Fun Season 5, Episode 6

Hey all Gina here filling in for Robyn tonight So without further adieux lets talk queens Tonights episode started with a disco-boobed horn-hooded Chris March presenting the nights challenge and boy was he a sight for sore eyes The designers were tasked to create an over-the-top theatrical looking outfit for a group of drag queens that suited their very distinct personalities I loved these ladies and their introductions they were so much more entertaining than the usual bunch And just to put it out there if I had to pick a drag name it probably wouldnt be as fun and creative as Farrah Moans or Sharon Needles but at the same rate it also wouldnt be as lame as Blaynes Neonlicious So after the designers chatted with their models and bought endless yards of fabric at Mood to create their larger than life designs off they went to work When their models returned for an intial garment fitting a bit of drama set in with Suede and his read more

“Welcome to the Jungle” Season 5, Episode 5

With all this talk about balls and vajayjay how could tonights episode have been any better Although it was a slight rip-off of last seasons Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten challenge it was still pretty enjoyable But before we jump in to check out what last weeks cast-off Jennifer had to say when she stopped by our office click here Now on with the showSo the designers had to create a day-to-night look for a high-powered and professional woman Would it be Hilary Clinton Heidi Klum Nancy Grace or even Joan Rivers Nope none other than Lipstick Jungles Brooke Shields After taking some time to sketch each person presented their idea to Brooke who then chose six designers to carry out their look and if you do the math that means Runways first team challenge of the season Brooke seemed pretty excited about the options until Stell-ah came along with pigtails and a sketch of a sexy corset top not quite appropriate for Wendy Healy to show up to work in Keith K read more

Rings of Glory Season 5, Episode 4

The designers must create a sports-themed outfit. Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno is the guest judge. read more

Bright Lights/Big City Season 5, Episode 3

The sights, sounds and styles of New York City serve as the designers' inspiration. Sandra Bernhard is the guest judge. read more

Grass Is Always Greener Season 5, Episode 2

The designers participate in a green-themed challenge. Natalie Portman serves as the guest judge. read more

Let's Start From the Beginning Season 5, Episode 1

The runaway runway hit opens its fifth season with 16 fresh designers on pins and needles: They try to make it work by creating clothes from unusual sources. read more

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