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Prison Break Season 4 episodes

Killing Your Number Season 4, Episode 22

Conclusion of the series finale. Old friends (Amaury Nolasco, Rockmond Dunbar) turn up as Michael makes one last effort to rescue Linc and Sara, get Scylla into responsible hands and take down the Company, all while on the lam. Sofia: Danay Garcia. Kellerman: Paul Adelstein. read more

Rate of Exchange Season 4, Episode 21

As Part 1 of the two-part series finale begins, Michael must choose between Christina and Pad Man, with Mahone holding a stake in his decision. In Chicago, meanwhile, Sucre runs into C-Note, who says he knows someone who can help him, Michael and Linc. read more

Cowboys and Indians Season 4, Episode 20

As Christina's plan is executed, Michael and Linc are stuck at the Miami hotel where the energy conference is being held. Later, Pad Man makes good on a threat, and Michael must choose between Lincoln or Sara. read more

S.O.B. Season 4, Episode 19

Michael arranges to meet Christina. It isn't an easy reunion to begin with, then she says something surprising about Lincoln. Meanwhile, Pad Man arrives in Miami with a nonnegotiable demand for his new operatives; Linc races to abort Christina's plan; and T-Bag must prove his trustworthiness to the Company. read more

Versus Season 4, Episode 18

It's Linc vs. Michael over Scylla as Christina (Kathleen Quinlan) sets her plan in motion and a sniper targets Linc. Meanwhile, Sara receives some news; T-Bag makes his presence known at the Indian embassy; and Pad Man's paranoia intensifies. read more

The Mother Lode Season 4, Episode 17

Michael and Sara hitchhike to Miami, and Lincoln meets with Christina (Kathleen Quinlan), who tells him of her plan to take over the Company and warns him not to meddle in it. Meanwhile, a new foe challenges Pad Man, and T-Bag and Self find something they weren't expecting when they search for Scylla. read more

The Sunshine State Season 4, Episode 16

While Linc and his new colleagues are in hot pursuit of Scylla in Miami, Michael is at a remote mountain cabin in California, where he learns something new about the Company. He's also guided through childhood memories by a Company psychiatrist (John Getz). Meanwhile, Sara is waiting for news of Michael in a luxury hotel, and she's not enjoying the luxury. Christina: Kathleen Quinlan. read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Sunshine State" Season 4, Episode 15

This week on Prison Break's winter finale, the Company put into action their true plan for Michael, while Lincoln teamed with a motley crew to reclaim Scylla. In the end, a shocking truth about Michael and Linc's mother was revealed. On with the recap!

Half of the action shifts to Miami, where Linc, Gretchen, Self and T-Bag have tracked the guy who snatched Scylla last week. Though there's work to be done, Linc has issues collaborating with people "I don't trust." Case in point, his words to Self: "Be thankful I haven't killed you."

Back near L.A., Michael is being held at some isolated house in the woods. Dr. Roger tells Michael that ... read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Going Under" Season 4, Episode 14

This week on Prison Break, as Michael underwent surgery to remove his brain tumor, Lincoln sought to steal back Scylla, Mahone made his move and one of the Fox River 8 bid us adieu.

Lincoln agrees to the General's terms — he'll hunt down Scylla, in exchange for Michael's treatment. Sara is skeptical, but Kranz assures her that they'll be treated as "guests in his home" for duration of surgery. "and after that?" Sara shrewdly asks. No answer.

Mean, the Company's state-of-the-art "hospital"? It so does not take Aetna.

Kranz offers Lincoln ... read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Just Business" Season 4, Episode 13

This week on Prison Break, the game changed - yet again! - when something far more valuable than Scylla fell into the Company's possession, Mahone got caught in a trap, and the "good book" bit T-Bag on the ass. Read on for the full recap! read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Deal or No Deal" Season 4, Episode 12

This week on Prison Break, while Self scrambled to find a buyer for Scylla, Michael and the gang struggled to claim the freedom which had been promised them. Alas, more than ever, it was impossible to know who to trust ... read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Selfless" Season 4, Episode 11

This week on Prison Break, Michael got his hands on Scylla, only to be blindsided by a major betrayal. Once the dust cleared, one of the good guys was left dead. Read on for the full recap!

After a steady, careful and arduous approach, Michael lays his hands on Scylla. Instantly, an alert is sent to the General, his security camera activated. The General hurries down to the chamber with his guards... only to be ambushed by Linc, Mahone and Sucre, the instant they exit the elevator. Tripping the alarm was Michael's plan all along ... read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Quiet Riot" Season 4, Episode 10

This week on Prison Break, Michael came face-to-interface with Scylla, T-Bag set a trap for Self and Gretchen continued with her plan to double-cross the team. Read on for the full recap! read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "The Legend" Season 4, Episode 9

This week on Prison Break, Michael sought a doctor's diagnosis, Sucre nearly took his final step on Earth, and the late Brad Bellick was tributed by a surprising past associate. Get the full recap after the jump. read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Greatness Achieved" Season 4, Episode 8

This week on Prison Break, the road to Scylla nearly got washed away, Wyatt feared Mahone's wrath, a most unlikely couple kisses, and one of the series' original characters died a hero's death. Read on for the full recap. read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "The Price" Season 4, Episode 7

At first I wanted to dismiss this week's episode as somewhat "meandering," but maybe that's too hasty. As far as Sara goes, it tried to be something more, so it certainly deserves credit for that. During her captivity, we learned, Sara was afforded the chance to ... read more

Prison Break Episode Recap: "Five the Hard Way" Season 4, Episode 6

This week on Prison Break, T-Bag got the upper (if prosthetic) hand, Self changed his strategy, and one of the boys was forced to have sex for money.

Get the full recap, after the jump. read more

Safe and Sound Season 4, Episode 5

Don Self tracks down another card to a safe in a heavily guarded Los Angeles federal office building while Mahone gets a few leads in his efforts to track down Wyatt, who chases Sara and tortures Gretchen. Meanwhile, Sucre and Bellick try to track down T-Bag, who makes another discovery about the bird book as he quickly raises suspicions at GATE. read more

Eagles and Angels Season 4, Episode 4

The crew tracks another card down to the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles, but the cardholder isn't the consul. Meanwhile, Wyatt arrives in L.A. with information about Sara he had extracted from Bennett; Michael and Linc happen upon T-Bag by chance; and Bruce Bennett is found dead. read more

Shut Down Season 4, Episode 3

Michael and his crew have one day to find the other five cardholders or they'll go back to prison. But Mahone is obsessed with seeking vengeance, and Michael and Linc fear that he's losing focus. Meanwhile, Wyatt (Cress Williams) has Bruce Bennett in his custody, and is using a truth serum to find the crew's whereabouts; and T-Bag finds the gateway to his new identity and his future. read more

Breaking & Entering Season 4, Episode 2

Conclusion. Michael, Linc, Sara, Mahone, Bellick and Sucre begin their search for Scylla, the Company's "little black book." It's a needle in a haystack, or is it? And a hacker (James Hiroyuki Liao) Don Self has recruited could be useful. Meanwhile, Wyatt (Cress Williams) doesn't believe the government's story that the five men are in prison; and T-Bag makes his way through the Arizona desert, Whistler's bird book in hand, bound for L.A. He's looking for Michael, too. Self: Michael Rapaport read more

Scylla Season 4, Episode 1

Part 1 of 2. In L.A., Michael's looking to even the score with Gretchen for Sara's death while Gretchen, Whistler and Mahone go about Company business. And in Panama, Sona has burned to the ground, with T-Bag, Billick and Sucre unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Lincoln, LJ and Sofia are settling in as a family. Wyatt: Cress Williams. Pam Mahone: Callie Thorne. Don Self: Michael Rapaport. read more

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Premise: An engineer gets himself incarcerated to engineer the escape of his death-row brother, who was framed for killing the vice president's brother. While the setup requires a leap of faith, the drama is consistently taut as Michael Scofield succeeds, only to find himself and his fellow escapees on the lam in Season 2---and back in prison, this time in Panama, in Season 3, giving Michael another escape to engineer. In Season 4, Michael and crew were back in the U.S., chasing the nefarious Company.



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