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The Art of the Deal Season 3, Episode 13

Michael and Linc make their way to Panama City and their date with Susan B., but Whistler isn't with them. Meanwhile, Mahone waits for an appointment at a Panama City cantina; and McGrady and his father run into a roadblock on their way out of the country. Back at Sona, Sucre pays the price for the escape, while T-Bag comes to Lechero's aid and also takes stock of the new landscape behind the walls. read more

"The Art of the Deal" Season 3, Episode 12

Where do we go from hereAnd no Im not being rhetorical At least not entirely This weeks episode of Prison Break was not envisioned as a season finale but instead had to serve as such because of the disruption caused by the WGA strike So the writersproducers intended for the season to go on another nine or so episodes But to what end A mission of vengeance for Michael Would we follow up on Sucres fate And what of Linc and LJThose who listen to the podcast and regard my Prison Break coverage throughout TVGuidecom know that I am a diehard fan of the show despite taunting by Ausiello and Roush Im a staunch defender of at least the decision to ride out this story which began two-and-a-half years ago But never have I felt do adrift than I did seeing Michael tooling along that Panamanian roadway his big brother left behindWill Michael with the mysterious Joe Liefs file in his hands track down Whistler and Gretchen If so would he even be able to avenge Saras de read more

"Hell or High Water" Season 3, Episode 11

OK so that was a decent little twist Michael had in his back pocket expecting that T-Bag or the like would muscle ahead in line and insist on exiting the tunnel first I wonder though was that the plan regardless What if no one cut in line Because frankly Plan B was all kinds of loosey-goosey and relied so much on chance Though not nearly as much as a later plot device Plan B actually was boring considering it was from Michaels crafty cranium Roll under the jeeps conveniently parked near the hole then sprint for the compromised fencing Yawn And we didnt even get to see itMoving onSucre you sure chose a lousy pseudonym Jorge Rivera Not to profile but if only because of the Panamanian setting doesnt that moniker seem likely to net a high return rate on a background check Yes the previlance of the John Doe equiavelnt is probably what drew him to it I suppose The poor lunk was just about to break free of his cuffs when T-Bag No need to refry read more

"Under & Out" Season 3, Episode 10

Now thats not a fair place to end the episode Lucky for myself I have the next few eps of Prison Break on DVD so I was able to quell any frustrationimpatience by reading ahead More on that perhaps later So this week we learned confirmed a bit more about Whistler mainly that it is some coordinates he has that The Company wants Crafty guy tearing the slip in half as a sign of good faith to evil evil Gretchen but still buying himself some time and security But coordinates leading to what What on earth is so valuable that TC would go to such lengthsexpense I mean a few episodes ago they footed the bill to have a small military storm the prison T-Bag sure has been working Lechero and anybody else wholl listen going on about how Scofield will stab you in the back and what not Yeah because Teodoro is such an upstanding citizen I didnt think that Lechero would fall for that nonsense or for the slave taunt but I guess he did it is kind of a bummer read more

"Dirt Nap" Season 3, Episode 9

To those who didnt entirely care for the tone I allegedly had in last weeks recap please hear me when I say that this weeks episode was one of the best in a while I really felt like a lot happenedSucre and GretchenAKA Sugar His and Lincs plot to pull a fast one on Gretchen was uncovered but along the way we enjoyed some what I saw to be flirty banter from Ms Anthonys direction Alas the cashiers check which smelled fishy the moment we saw it since when do bad guys not like to lug around greenbacks led the Company to Sucres Achilles Heel Maricruz But isnt she a Las Vegas casino hostess now anyway On a superficial note I preferred Gretchs hair this week not so sleek and straight and eeee-vilLincoln and SofiaDominic Purcell has forever been teasing some hubba-hubba between these two so Ive been waiting patiently for a step in that direction And then we got the Eiffel Tower tchotchke Awwww Our boy might actually be getti read more

"Boxed In" Season 3, Episode 8

For starters and I did a bit of a rant on this in the podcast the Michael-in-a-long-sleeve-shirt thing is getting very silly There he was sitting in a solitary confinement cell designed to sweat the inmate into subserviance if not death and he doesnt strip all because what Wentworth wont slap on the faux tatts for one episode OK nit is pickedStorywise I question Michaels decision to involve the new general or whatever in the details of the escape plan forced upon him As Linc said LJ could have easily been Tancredid if things went wrong as they did Of course things would not have gone as badly had General Mynameistoast taken an actual police force with him to the shack instead of one ADD-addled dope That scene and the water torture sure showed us some new depths to Gretchens grit Too bad she then fell for the Sucre is quarreling with Linc trap DuhWho else was cheering when Bellick bested the Latin king That was so awesome dirty tricks or read more

Michael Foils the Company's Plan to Bust Out Whistler! Season 3, Episode 7

Episode Recap Bang and Burn Nov 12 2007OK color me a little bit confused When I asked Jodi Lyn OKeefe about the fall finale which at the time was to air in mid-December a few episodes from now she mentioned the helicopter stunts Then thanks to the strike and Foxs rejiggered schedule this weeks episode was dubbed the fall finale And yet there the helicopters are This is something for me to figure out but I had to share my puzzlement [Editors note I have since been told that Jodi was mistaken when recounting the episode] On with the recapI feel like so much has happened in the past three hours after some middling poky episodes All of a sudden Gretchen and the Company have some quasimilitary force at their disposal Complete with a steely bunker for strategic plotting and unrolling mapsI liked the sequence where Michael labored to get word to Lincoln at the same time Lincoln was trying to get word to Michael about Whistlers secret agen read more

Michael Learns the Truth About Sara! And the Escape Fails! Season 3, Episode 6

Episode Recap Photo FinishVamanos Nov 5 2007Such an eventful two hours where to begin How about with kudos to my wife for watching the whole thing alongside me this week Shes not big on the intensethriller genre At allSo today was the great escape almost The clock struck 313 Guard 1 was ultimately waylaid by the glare Guard 2 was KOd by the drugged java and damn Mother Nature for sending that cloud along Michael raced back up the makeshift rope ladder only to realize Oh yeah Whistler and I were supposed to have that fight to the death As Prison Breaky luck would have it the hastily stowed rope ladder got noticed by Guard 1 the prison break alarm was sounded and Michaels chicken leg-induced mano-a-mano got postponed Oh and some random goon took a bullet in the belly for Mikeys ladderLets back up a moment to give Wentworth Miller props for playing the Sara reveal so well Just look at that picture above right He spoke for many a Mi read more

Michael Plans a Broad Daylight Prison Break! Season 3, Episode 5

Episode Recap InterferenceIt was an interesting episode Some starts and stops for Michaels plan Michaels plan to bust out of prison Michaels plan to bust out of prison in the middle of the day By running for the fenceOKAnyway Michael had just worked out the guards two weaknesses the inability to buy sunglasses and a borderline unhealthy compulsion to watch Southern American sporting events when the bulls showed and locked up his birdwatching perch In the end though crazy Mahone came through with The Cup Turns out that the guard who looks like is Tony Robbins simply has to have his java and in fact downs it and drops his cup in the same place Every day Now the boys realize they just need to get to Hurtados joe and Im guessing drug itOn the outside Lincoln and Sofia scouted out escape routes and Ill say it found some sparks along the way Dominic Purcell hinted at that in my blatant plug alert video QA read more

Amidst Tragedy, an Old Friend Saves the Day Season 3, Episode 4

Episode Recap Good Fences Oct 8 2007Now we all know The unsettling secret is outIts hard to find a felt-tip pen in a Panamanian prisonOh and Saras head was in the box Saras head to be clear but not Sarahs as in Sarah Wayne Callies I tend to think she didnt return to work to have a cast made of her melon Ergo why it looked not so much like Sara but more like one of those premium living doll sex toys you see on HBOs SexceteraBut Lincoln said Sara as he dared a look inside the box so it must be herWhat do we think of Lincolns decision to spare Michael the grisly truth Dare we call him selfish because after all were Mikey to know Sara is dead he might lose the drive to escape and thus sign LJs death certificate But one could argue that Michael would be even more motivated so he could throttle Susan B Anthony all the quickerInstead Michael is in full breakout-planning mode craftily using a chintzy non-gold cross to short the juice gai read more

Has Lincoln's Plan Tragically Backfired? Season 3, Episode 3

Episode Recap Call WaitingYikes Im afraid Brad Pitt may have been down this road before Does that box contain nah sweet lil Prison Break wouldnt do that Right But the look on Lincs face Maybe it was just full of Celine Dion CDsLets back up So James Whistler is wanted back on the outside because he like took some scientist type to a remote location on his charter boat I was having trouble following that if only because it was so much exposition and so soon What happened to the Prison Break that fed us crumbsI have to say Im a bit disappointed in Sucre He came back to Linc only to get some of the lost millions I thought he was back to join Team Scofield-Burrows Do you think weve seen the last of him or will he resurface later to help save the dayThis episode answered one burning question I had how an inmate is notified of a visitor since there are no guards Somehow they are expected to hear the PA speaker over all that jail-yard clamor Great s read more

Fire/Water Season 3, Episode 2

After Michael gets bad news from Linc, he sets out to find a prisoner named Whistler (Chris Vance), who holds the key to his freedom. That's easier said than done: Whistler is hiding in Sona because there's a price on his head, and Lechero (Robert Wisdom) is not about to help Michael find him. In addition, both Mahone and Bellick want to get to Whistler too. Meanwhile, T-Bag won't allow a little humiliation stop him from insinuating himself into Lechero's good graces. read more

Orientación Season 3, Episode 1

As Season 3 begins, Michael, Mahone, T-Bag and Bellick are all in Sona, a notorious Panamanian prison. “The worst of the worst are there,” a U.S. diplomat tells Linc. The good news is that Linc has been exonerated, and Michael is to be transferred to a “more moderate” prison before his trial. But first Michael must deal with the prison's ringleader (Robert Wisdom). And the Company's interested in him, too. Meanwhile, Sara's missing. read more

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Premise: An engineer gets himself incarcerated to engineer the escape of his death-row brother, who was framed for killing the vice president's brother. While the setup requires a leap of faith, the drama is consistently taut as Michael Scofield succeeds, only to find himself and his fellow escapees on the lam in Season 2---and back in prison, this time in Panama, in Season 3, giving Michael another escape to engineer. In Season 4, Michael and crew were back in the U.S., chasing the nefarious Company.



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