Port Charles 1997 | TV Show Watchlist


The 'GH' spin-off had a bit of an identity crisis in that it began typically and ended gothically. A flop with young-doctors-in-love tales, the serial adopted the Spanish telenovela format, using 13-week 'books' to chronicle rock-roll vampires, sexy angels and other occultish offerings. This leap into the out-there killed crossovers with its parent soap, along with the ratings. Ironically, the last gasps earned 'PC' its one and only Best Drama Emmy nod in 2003.

Former Cast

Thorsten Kaye
Dr. Ian Thornhart
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Jon Lindstrom
Kevin Collins
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Julie Pinson
Dr. Eve Lambert
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Carly Schroeder
Serena Baldwin
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Jay Pickett
Frank Scanlon
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Nolan North
Dr. Chris Ramsey
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Susan Brown
Gail Baldwin
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Kelly Monaco
Livvie Locke
1 Episode (2002)