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Pirate Master Season 1 episodes

Pirate Master Season 1, Episode 12

Another pirate is cut adrift. Cameron Daddo is the host. read more

Pirate Master Season 1, Episode 11

Another pirate is cut adrift. Cameron Daddo is the host. read more

10 Season 1, Episode 10

I watched Episode 10 of Pirate Master online at my desk today, making the random note: Nessa, Kendra, Louie = weak team; Jay Christa Ben — New “triad”; Jay = snake. Stuff like that. I had to laugh at myself though, because there I was taking notes to blog a show that was no longer on the air. Why exactly was I doing this? I still don’t know. I blame it on an odd quirk of mine — that strange compulsion I have to finish something that I’ve started. So, here I am discussing that Titanic of reality shows (probably with myself). This is the task I have set before myself. Here I go.I bet that if this episode had aired, a lot of folks would have really enjoyed tonight’s show. The challenge was great. It was grueling. I don’t know if they are getting longer as the show progresses or if they just seem that way now that there are fewer players. Regardless, the challenge was great. People actually had to use some smarts to figure out the "bottle in the p... read more

9 Season 1, Episode 9

CBS ought to send every viewer who caught this most recent episode of Pirate Master a gold coin. After canceling this ratings disappointment, those who did follow this show now have to log on to CBS.com to catch streaming video of the remaining few new episodes. Given what could have happened — being forever left to wonder at the outcome like, say, fans of Invasion, Reunion, or Threshold — we few fans should be grateful that we can at least see the full run of the show. Watching this episode, however, I kept asking myself why? Why pull the show now when this episode involved so many tweaks to the game that it is now at its most interesting? Why do they ever let Louie do the puzzles? Why did Christa bid for the royal pardon?First off, the changes: Ben and Jay have been stripped of their officer statuses, courtesy of the host. (Coincidence that this move comes right after the ghost pirate debacle?) Now these former officers are both eligible for a black mark, but they can no... read more

8 Season 1, Episode 8

Grrr! Ahhhh! Ughh! That’s me trying to find a word to express the frustration I felt after tonight’s show. I was comforted, however, by the fact that our dear Pirate Master host, Cameron Daddo, was feeling much the same way — or was that merely annoyance that I heard in his voice? I can’t blame the guy, who I’m sure thought he was going to be the next Jeff Probst when he accepted this gig. (It’s Survivor on a boat — sounds like a no-brainer.) A reality show is only as good as the twists and turns it provides (and a great cast doesn’t hurt either). Tonight’s return of the “Ghost Pirates” — players who had been cut adrift — should have been great. It should have turned this show on its head. That is what it was designed to do. A win by the ghost crew would have earned them $50K, unseated a long-standing captain and given them the power to dole out black spots. Instead this twist fizzled. Why? Because as Daddo said, “... read more

7 Season 1, Episode 7

It’s with a heavy heart that I lift my pen to write this recap. Joe Don has been set adrift, leaving Louie and Nessa behind at Pirates Court. The Triad is still in power and captain Azmyth grows more conniving with each passing day. Of course, this all makes for an entertaining episode that leaves you anticipating next week’s show wondering: With Azmyth’s biggest threat gone, who will he campaign against?But first I have some questions because there are some things that I do not understand on this show. Why did the crew keep Louie, and more importantly, why did they cut their strongest teammate, Joe Don, loose? Why don’t the crew members on the black crew throw their challenges to oust their leader? Does Azmyth come up with a list of chores on his own or is Cameron feeding him ideas. I mean, really, checking the hull for barnacles? Yes, of course, it’s a legitimate concern, but did you see any? Me neither. Here’s another question: Why did the producers ... read more

6 Season 1, Episode 6

What is it about those in power that makes you want to root against them? It must be their corruptible nature. Reigning captain, Azmyth, held on to his hat after the black crew won this week’s grueling challenge. This time, however, when divvying up the $40K prize, he and his officers preferred ye old 60/40 booty split over the share-and-share-alike split that had kept Az in power. Between that and the intermittent accent, as well as the self-referential use of "Triad," I’m ready for a change of power. As is Laurel, who catapulted herself to the rank of favorite in my standings by calling Azmyth a “superfreak in a blue coat.” My second favorite is JD, who is clearly in the underdog position yet consistently keeps the show interesting with his maneuvers to stay in the game. Whether he’s ponying up $12K to buy an unnecessary pardon or making out with Nessa, JD is the perfect foil to Captain Azmyth. And let’s face it, if JD hadn’t played so hard in th... read more

5 Season 1, Episode 5

What can I say about tonight’s show? Ah, yes, the eye candy is gone. Not only has Sean been cut loose, but a powerful triumvirate has emerged in two-time captain Azmyth, the conniving Jay and the seemingly innocent Ben. Waves are being made on this show and I’m wondering what next week will bring. Before leaping ahead, let’s address the time issue on this show. Just how long do they have between challenges? Jay mentioned at least twice that Sean had gone back on his word “two weeks ago.” Weeks, not days? That makes me wonder how much of the footage we’re not seeing. And if indeed weeks are going by, shouldn’t we be seeing some changes in the crew like longer hair, skinnier waists, fuller beards? Maybe I’m not noticing these things because that Nessa is just so darn cute. See? Her flirting is a valid strategy! I jest. She’s grating. Nessa worked that pardon, though, even if she eventually did not need it. The vote came down to Sean and for... read more

4 Season 1, Episode 4

What is it about Louie that just makes me grit my teeth? I get that he's supposed to be the lovable one. He's the happily gruff pirate with an everyman appeal. I get it. I do. Yet his appeal is lost on me. Is it that Louie's a blatant reminder of the charmingly natural Rupert from Survivor: Panama who falls somewhat short? Or is it that Louie's received an inordinate amount of screen time — time filled with his vows to get Joe Don, to mutiny and to share the wealth? Maybe it's just that Louie, while full of vim and vigor, regrettably just doesn't deliver. Because of that, another week on the Picton Castle sails by and I feel like I’m still in port.One good thing for this viewer is that while most things were different this week, some things stayed the same. New twist: the royal pardon, which pirates can bid upon to nullify a black mark. New challenge winner: Yes, the red team finally won (though it's not like we care since the team changes weekly). New Captain: Louie. And ... read more

3 Season 1, Episode 3

I feel like I'm sailing in the choppy seas right along with these pirates. I'm up. I'm down. I'm up again. That's due mostly to the introduction of strategy to this game, and we have Jay to thank for that. Here is a man who understands the pirate way. I totally love how he used his gold (and is used by it) to buy Sean's vote. Unfortunately for Jay, Sean was willing to be bought but not willing to follow through. I’m getting ahead of myself because unless you didn't actually watch the show — and there are those who threatened to do just that — you might not know that there's a new captain aboard and his name is Azmyth.Less dramatic than a mutiny but just as effective is the red crew winning immunity — whoops did I say that? I mean they found yet another sunken treasure and so won the challenge. Since the captain is always on the black crew, that means that Joe Don was out of a job. The challenge involved a long boat, a trek through the woods, a bamboo-stalk sabota... read more

2 Season 1, Episode 2

Okay, this show is beat. Right from the start. Seriously, was that the longest recap ever? And can somebody tell me, 'cuz I'm not sure I heard it right the first five times, but was Joe Don in the military? And what's up with choosing Sean as the cook based on his bartending skills? From where I’m sitting, Sean can't cook. It's like Keith with the rice on Survivor: Outback. Was Sean seasoning the gruel with his hair? Was that his secret ingredient? I don't how long the crew is going to last on those vittles. Azmyth is already some kind of skinny. What about this triathlon cloaked in a challenge? Were those snakes really poisonous or were they trained circus snakes? I say that as if I know anything about circus snakes. They kept snapping at the camera for effect, did you notice? I didn't see any sharks in the shark-infested water either. So, was that just a Pirate trick? You know, like a lie?Back to the challenge – black and red crews. I guess being a pirate means nothing's... read more

1 Season 1, Episode 1

G'head and call me a wench because I've found my guilty pleasure for the summer. Its name is Pirate Master. Not that I ever doubted Mark Burnett, who I believe has been put on this earth to provide we reality television junkies with the best of the genre. Yes, he had some missteps with the recent Haves versus the Have-nots scenario, but we’ll not speak of that because I'm fully on board with Pirate Master. This latest foray into the unscripted series world is clearly a mish-mash of other successful reality shows wrapped in the Jolly Roger, but I'm not going to quibble because there's potential for a great show here.While the whole 16 strangers, tropical location, million-dollar prize setup may be familiar (and who are we kidding, the formula works. Why mess with it?), I have no problem with Pirate Master looting elements from other great reality shows. Here everyone is searching for Capt. Steel's treasure, which has been split up and buried in 14 different locations on Dominica... read more

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Premise: Sixteen adventurers spend a month traveling the ocean blue in search of $1 million in treasure in this reality series. Elimination comes via a `Pirate's Court,' and, in each round, contestants can obtain gold coins with which to strike deals.


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