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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Almost Everything I Wish I'd Said The Last Time I Saw You..." Season 7, Episode 22

This week's One Tree Hill finale went out with a bang, literally, and all I can say as a devoted fan is we better get a Season 8 so we viewers get a nicely wrapped-up ending. But although one story line may leave us hanging, at least many of the other characters got happy endings.

From stalkers to crashes: Check out One Tree Hill's craziest moments

Haley, still extremely depressed about the death of her mother, jumps into her pool and stays below water until her husband pulls her back up. It's the last straw that leads her to finally speak to a therapist...

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One Tree Hill Episode Discussion: "What's in the Ground Belongs to You" Season 7, Episode 21

On this episode of One Tree Hill, Haley distances herself from Nathan and Jamie as she grows more depressed. Meanwhile, Brooke views Julian's completed film, Clay realizes he can't ignore an unstable Katie, and Quinn and Jamie embark on a treasure hunt throughout town.

I'm currently on vacation, so I won't be able to post a full recap, but please use this space to discuss the episode!

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Learning to Fail" Season 7, Episode 20

On this week's One Tree Hill, some couples finally formed while another called it quits. And while Nathan tried to remain supportive, his wife Haley kept falling deeper and deeper into depression and despair.

Although Haley tries to put on a brave face, it seems the jig is up when she acts complacent towards her husband and serves her son Chinese food for breakfast. She later shows up for her music video shoot but leaves before it even begins. When her manager Miranda gets ahold of her, Haley asks what the big deal is and says she's busy making soup. She then hangs up the phone and continues to agonize over perfecting her mother's famous recipe. When Jamie knocks over the bowl by accident, Haley flips out as Nathan watches his wife crumbling from afar. Haley later stars drinking and when she sits at her piano and drops her martini, she then decides to knock the candle over and let it go up in flames. When Nathan comes racing towards her and asks what happened she simply says, "I'm going to call my mom." Looks like Haley is in full-on denial and needs some help pronto.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Every Picture Tells a Story" Season 7, Episode 19

It's been a long two-month hiatus, but One Tree Hill has finally returned for four more episodes. After a very long montage to remind us where we left off — as if we forgot — Brooke says, "Good morning, boyfriend" to Julian. It's nice to see them together again. But while one couple is back and better than ever, two couples are splitting before they were even really a pair.

Grubbs and Miranda
I'm not quite sure when these two became a storyline, but a few episodes prior, Miranda, the somewhat cold Brit who is in charge of Haley's record deal, discovered that Grubbs, the Tric bartender, had quite the musical talent. Just as he decided to give recording a go — and that he also has feelings for the girl — Miranda learns she's getting deported back to England. So what does one do when their love is about to leave? Propose of course.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "The Last Day of Our Acquaintance" Season 7, Episode 18

With Brooke convinced that Alex and Julian slept together, she's on a rampage to get revenge. Her first mission succeeds: As the costume designer, she dresses up the lead in Julian's film as the "lovechild between Richard Simmons and a Village Person." She's further enraged when she hears Alex on the phone gushing about her sexcapades, which ends in a full on knock-out punch care of Brooke's fist and Alex's eye. Finally, Alexander, Brooke's new co-worker, sets her straight and admits that he was the one sleeping with Alex. Brooke realizes she's been a fool and "bitched out the one man who makes my world turn." But as she talks through it all with her mom — it's still weird to see the two close — she's reminded that the best part of the entire situation is that Julian did not ever sleep with Alex. Brooke apologizes to Alex and goes to find Julian. "I'm in love with you, Julian, I always will be ... Love is crazy and I've been crazy," she says to him. And then he finally kisses her. The kicker of the storyline is that although Alexander slept with Alex, he's actually the man Victoria has had a thing with. He tries to explain that she's different and that he slept with Alex but likes Victoria. So, she smacks him — and then kisses him. What do you think of this new coupling?

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "At the Bottom of Everything" Season 7, Episode 17

As Haley and Quinn must face their mom's impending death, they realize they need to be strong for little Jamie who learns from Lydia that his grandma won't be there this Christmas. Although Haley is having trouble accepting this, Nathan has a heart-to-heart with his mother-in-law and tells her that she was "responsible for raising the woman that changed my entire world." Sigh. As Haley searches for a way to keep her mom healthy by calling on Nathan's team doctor, she comes to terms with the fact that there is no positive prognosis. They decide to embrace the harsh facts, and Jamie, Nate and Quinn decorate the Christmas tree for Lydia so that they can all spend one final Christmas together.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good" Season 7, Episode 16

After a relatively light-hearted and fun tribute episode last week, Tree Hill came back to its heavier, more dramatic self. Lydia James (Haley's mom) returned with shocking and saddening news. Millicent finally faced her drug problem, and Julian and Alex began making the film that would make, or possibly end, their burgeoning careers.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Don't You Forget About Me" Season 7, Episode 15

This week's One Tree Hill takes a trip into the 80s and opens up with that familiar "hey, hey, hey, hey" song — actually called "Don't You (Forget About Me)" — we all know and love from The Breakfast Club. As a tribute to the late John Hughes, Tree Hill High set the stage for shoulder pads, crimped hair and neon makeup as the gang holds a fundraiser with Haley and Quinn serving as hosts.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Family Affair" Season 7, Episode 14

The last episode of One Tree Hill ended with the arrival of "Hurricane Taylor," and this week picked right up in the middle of the storm. As Tree Hill's Shantel VanSanten (who plays Quinn) told me, Taylor and David really are together, and there's about to be some major family plot lines to come. So, let's get to recapping.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Weeks Go By Like Days" Season 7, Episode 13

One Tree Hill is back and begins with a little "I'm gonna knock you out" chant that Haley and her men use to get pumped up for the show. Nathan and Jamie have joined her for the last leg of the tour (and apparently it's summer?) and wow, they really sexed Haley up. As the Scotts return to Tree Hill for the final concert, little Jamie tells his buddies all about him and his "road dogs" and suddenly his bragging has lost their interest. In a nice father-son moment, Nate advises that although he'll get to do a lot of cool things in life, none of it matters without his friends.

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Some Roads Lead Nowhere Season 7, Episode 12

Nathan and Haley get ready to move, while Clay tries to get Nathan to rehire him as his agent. Elsewhere, Brooke disapproves of how Julian responded to Alex's crisis; Mouth and Millicent reach a turning point; and Dan makes a surprising announcement. read more

You Know I Love You, Don't You Season 7, Episode 11

Career pressures result in Nathan and Haley making a difficult choice for their family. Meanwhile, Brooke is not pleased when Julian tells Alex a secret; Clay tries to get his career back; and Millicent finds a surprising ally in Victoria. read more

You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son Season 7, Episode 10

Tension increases between Nathan and Clay as they both face career uncertainty, and their struggles cause discord between Haley and Quinn. Elsewhere, Brooke tells Julian that his closeness with Alex makes her insecure; Skills looks into a new job in L.A.; and Millicent's drug use escalates. read more

Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun Season 7, Episode 9

Brooke gets some shocking news that threatens her relationship with Julian. Meanwhile, Nathan finds out that Dan's back in town as he prepares to sign a new NBA contract; Millicent heads for a big fall; and Haley returns to the stage. Sophia Bush directed the episode. read more

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight Season 7, Episode 8

The guys go camping for a weekend of male bonding, but Julian struggles to fit in. Meanwhile, Quinn helps Clay face a heartbreaking loss; and Dan and Rachel realize they can't keep running from their past. read more

I and Love and You Season 7, Episode 7

Dan has Renee as a guest on his TV show. Elsewhere, Quinn reexamines her marriage; Sara and Clay revisit their past; and Brooke tells Julian what she really wants. Directed by series star James Lafferty. read more

Deep Ocean Vast Sea Season 7, Episode 6

Nathan learns his endorsement deals are at risk because of his scandal. Elsewhere, Alex gets another chance, thanks to Julian; Brooke catches up with Chase; Millicent has doubts about her new career; and Clay divulges a secret to Quinn. read more

Your Cheatin' Heart Season 7, Episode 5

Haley gets unwanted media attention because of Nathan's scandal. Elsewhere, Millicent starts a new job, a suspicious Brooke doesn't stop Julian and Alex from working together, and Clay and Quinn bond. read more

Believe Me I'm Lying Season 7, Episode 4

Nathan's scandal becomes public, and Mouth jeopardizes his own career. Meanwhile, Haley gets Quinn to communicate with her estranged spouse, David; and Millicent takes on more responsibility than she anticipated with Brooke's fashion show. read more

Hold My Hand as I'm Lowered Season 7, Episode 3

Haley begins to doubt her husband's innocence as Nathan and Clay are at odds over how to handle Nathan's worsening scandal. Elsewhere, Brooke and Quinn arrange a photo shoot, and Julian gets a proposition from Alex. read more

What Are You Willing To Lose Season 7, Episode 2

Haley and Mia team up to try to save Red Bedroom Records, while Clay goes to bat for Nathan, who's in the midst of a scandal. Elsewhere, Brooke and Julian move in together, and Dan introduces his new wife to his family. read more

4:30 a.m. (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad) Season 7, Episode 1

In the seventh-season opener, Nathan faces a career-threatening accusation with the help of his new sports agent (Robert Buckley). Meanwhile, Haley's sister Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) pays an unexpected visit, and Brooke prepares a new fashion line as Julian plans to produce a huge film. read more

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