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"What Comes After the Blues" Season 5, Episode 18

It began to dawn on me when I saw Lucas get Lindseys message on his cell as he literally stood on Peytons message on the river court Are we gonna get a cliff-hanger ending Indeed we were and not just one cliff-hanger but two And Im totally fine with that because I kind of like the classic setup of a season-ending cliff-hanger that whole summer-full-of-anticipation feeling Just as long as the show resolves the cliff-hangers well and comes back strong in the fallSo cliff-hanger number one Is Dan dead If memory serves me correctly this show has pulled this stunt as a season-ender oncewait make that at least twice before With the very same character This time he wasnt in a fire nor did he have sudden heart failure but he got hit quite violently by a car And at that exact moment he got a page that a heart was suddenly available for him Talk about bad luck Or better yet talk about karma I guess what goes around really does come aro read more

"Hate is Safer Than Love" Season 5, Episode 17

Finally after weeks of static something actually happened with the Peyton-Lucas-Lindsey triangle And it wasnt prettyAt the beginning of the episode Lucas pals Skills and Brooke were feeding him the same old lines telling him not to give up on Lindsey But they really werent helping him by giving him this false hope Then Lindsey called him out of the blue during halftime of the big game great timing Linz She told him that she was dating someone else Next thing you know Lucas is a madman on the floor giving his team an angry pep talk and showing a temperamental side of himself that resembles Dan and Nathan That kid from the other team was really out of line acting on his coachs orders to hurt Quentins one good hand but Lucas was the adult and had no business grabbing him So Luke was thrown out of the game and Nathan told him what he finally needed to hear You cant wait around forever Maybe its time to move on Thank you read more

"Crying Won't Help You Now" Season 5, Episode 16

Youre dead to so many of us already Dan So really what does it matter And with that Lucas wins the best coldhearted line of the night Nathan won it last week again while speaking to Dan about his bad heart Lucas told Dan that he verified his story about having only six months to live And he told him that he really doesnt careI cant help but cheer on the Scott boys whenever they keep reminding Dan that what he did was unforgivable As Nathan put it a little more delicately this week Im sorry that youre dyingbut I can never forgive you Not now not everYou made that decision the moment you pulled that trigger And yet I dont want Dan off this show because he brings so much to it Being a Dan Scott fan is a tough spot to be inJames Lucas Scott age 5 is a fan of Dans and he desperately wants to know his grandfather better That thank-you note he made Dan was so heartfelt But Dans never going to get a chan read more

"Life Is Short" Season 5, Episode 15

Near the end of last nights episode Brooke turned to Lucas and asked him Do you ever want to go backWould you do it differently She was talking about going back to when they were younger and doing things differently but this could apply to so many of the stories that were referenced in last nights episodeFor example would Lucas handle his relationship to Lindsey differently Maybe not because his answer to Brooke was that we all need to go through these difficult things in order to get to the places we want to be in life So then I guess in his mind his pathetic attempts to get back together with Lindsey are all part of them eventually getting back on the road to wedded bliss He needs to wake up from this dream Lindsey leaving behind her key to his house after he insisted she keep it was a pretty clear sign You need to let this go Luke NowSimilarly Peyton needs to let Lucas go and move on with her life Haley and Skills were advising her to do this read more

"What Do You Go Home To" Season 5, Episode 14

Another week another good opening scene This one was both funny and insightful as we got to hear each characters first thoughts of the day I especially loved Brookes first thought Brooke And Jamies little feet between Haley and Nathan created the picture of a happy family followed by all their fun early morning spellingSo then its time to get back to work No I dont mean stop reading this blog and get back to work I mean it was time for Lucas to finally get back to work after a month at sea He came back to a 4-8 record and a still-injured but pretending not to be Quentin Skills had promised not to tell but of course hes going to discuss the star players injury with his fellow coach This led to another cast for Q as well as some harsh words from him for Skills His accusations pissed off Skills but on the plus side it looks like Skills might finally get a subplot out of thisWhen Quentin wasnt mouthing off to S read more

"Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace" Season 5, Episode 13

Is it safe to say that One Tree Hill came back with a one-two punch Followed by three four even five punches How much fun was that opening scene Lucas was getting his frustrations out on Dan who had no trouble defending himself Nathan rushed to his brothers aid but Dan pushed them both off with relative ease It must have felt like just another day in the prison yard for Dan Then little Jamie ran out to comfort Grandpa which was quite sweet Hes old enough to know to be thankful to Dan for saving him and he expressed his gratitude It looked like he was the only one who did as the rest of the Scotts are all still too mad at Dan to even talk to him let alone thank him for rescuing Jamie No one said coming home was going to be easy DanAfter that action-packed opening it turned out to be a very talkative episode in which each of the main characters were in need of someone to lend them an ear Nathan and Haley have been going to couples counseling and hap read more

"Hundred" Season 5, Episode 12

It was a different church and a different couple but I was experiencing serious deja vu to Keiths wedding Ultimately the end result was the same a Scott man was left standing at the altarThroughout this season the writers have been driving home the point of Lucas following in Keiths footsteps especially in the active role he plays in being Jamies uncle Tonights opening scene didnt even try to be subtle with Lucas voice-over talking about the local road trips he Karen and Keith used to take all while we were seeing scenes of Jamie Haley and Lucas in the car as a Bruce Springsteens My Hometown played in the background this Jersey girl would like to thank the producers for that Of course the one major difference is that Lucas isnt pining for Haley hes pining for Peyton only he still doesnt quite realize that Wake up Luke Haley saw what was going on and eventually so did Lindsey The boy in the man read more

"You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side" Season 5, Episode 11

OK last scene first Because in a night full of surprises Chase Bevin Haleys late-night phone call had my jaw dropping the most After fulfilling her promise to be Lucas pre-editor Haley picks up the phone to make a call as we hear Lucas voice-over about love and broken hearts mending I thought for sure that something Lucas had written inspired her to melt a bit and call Nathan Then when Lucas answered his cell I thought perhaps she was going to ask her best friend for some advice I did not expect her to say You cant marry Lindsey What Is this the same woman whos been singing Lindseys praises all season long The same woman who was telling Peyton a few episodes ago that Lucas fell in love while waiting for her and that Peyton shouldnt ruin that So did Lucas write another book in which his love for Peyton comes shining through because clearly something he wrote changed Haleys mindI wish she would have changed her mi read more

"Running to Stand Still" Season 5, Episode 10

What a quiet uneventful little episode of One Tree Hill Well except for Jamie almost drowning And Rachel almost dying And Dan possibly getting paroled And Haley saying she wants a divorce Seriously so much happened my head is still spinningLets start with that all-important opening scene I was enjoying the camera lingering on Nathan in the shower obliviously thinking How nice the producers are providing a little something for the ladies But then those hands appeared around his chest and jolted me out of my blissful state Uh-oh I knew those hands werent going to belong to Haley Seeing a soaking wet Nathan and Carrie just come out of the shower had to be one of the worst possible ways for Haley to wake up to the Nathan-Carrie situationOn the one hand Im glad that Haley now knows something was up Having Carrie simply give her notice and leave would have been way too anticlimactic a send-off after this plot has been building all season long read more

"For Tonight You're Only Here to Know" Season 5, Episode 9

First rule of The Breakfast Club Any time characters are trapped together in a library they must argue bond and eventually depart with a deeper understanding of one anotherIll admit that when I first heard the premise of this weeks episode I was afraid it was going to come off as a little toocontrived So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it It was both enjoyable and insightful a lot of questions weve had about Lindsey all season were answered such as how she and Haley became so close It turns out that Haley was also initially skeptical towards Lindsey and still rooting for Peyton or Brooke but then Linz explained how concerned she was with getting the school shooting scenes of Lucas book just right in order to honor Peyton Keith and Jimmy From then on she and Haley were fast friends As for Lindsey and Lucas We learned that Lucas came along during a particularly difficult time in Lindseys life when she was losin read more

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want Season 5, Episode 8

Brooke continues to try to make progress in her pursuit of Owen the bartender; and Haley is conflicted about what to do regarding something she saw at Tric. Meanwhile, Mouth tries to redeem himself in the eyes of a potential new love interest; and Quentin's recent actions could negatively influence the season-opening game. read more

In da Club Season 5, Episode 7

The gang hangs out at Tric for the night, where Mouth discovers that Brooke has set him up on a blind date with Millicent. Meanwhile, a nervous Mia learns that she's about to make her solo live debut; and Lindsey tries to avoid Peyton. read more

Don't Dream It's Over Season 5, Episode 6

Victoria stirs up trouble at Peyton's new label, and Lindsey finds out how Peyton really feels about her. Meanwhile, Jamie has questions about his Grandpa Dan, and Mouth has doubts about his relationship with his boss. read more

I Forgot to Remember to Forget Season 5, Episode 5

In this flashback-heavy episode, Lucas reminisces about his first year of college, during which he coached Nathan's basketball team alongside Whitey and struggled to maintain a long-distance relationship with Peyton. read more

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Season 5, Episode 4

Brooke forges ahead with the opening of her new store; and Nathan makes an effort to help a difficult high-school basketball player. Meanwhile, Peyton must deal with an increasingly arrogant musician; and Haley rediscovers her interest in music. read more

My Way Home Is Through You Season 5, Episode 3

Lucas finally gets past his writer's block; Brooke and Peyton move forward with their new business ventures; Mouth continues to clash with his boss, leading him to take some questionable advice from Skills; Nathan visits Dan in prison. Kevin Federline guest stars. read more

Racing Like a Pro Season 5, Episode 2

Skills and Lucas enter Jamie in a soap-box derby and begin coaching the Ravens. Meanwhile, Haley encounters difficulties on her first day as a teacher and interviews potential nannies for her son. read more

4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days Season 5, Episode 1

As the fifth season opens, the series flashes forward four years to postcollege life. While most of the gang struggle to find their footing in the working world, now-famous fashion designer Brooke faces the challenges success brings her in New York City. read more

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