Agnes Nixon's classic soap about the tempestuous 'burb of Llanview, where secrets abound, mostly about the Lord and Buchanan clans. It premiered July 15, 1968, and was one of the first soaps to feature major black characters, as well as full-blown music and fantasy episodes. In 2005, Erika Slezak won her record sixth Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for her role as the oft-wed Viki Lord Buchanan. Alums include Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Phillipe, Roma Downey, Judith Light and Tom Berenger.

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Guest Stars

Melissa Fumero
Adriana Cramer
351 Episodes (2006-2011)
Terri Colombino
197 Episodes (2010-2012)
Pamela Payton-Wright
Agatha 'Addie' Cramer
25 Episodes (2008-2008)
Loyita Chapel
Dallas Roberts/Renee Divine
10 Episodes (2008-2008)
Lea DeLaria
Madame Delphia/Professor Del Fina, Madame Delphina/Professor Del Fina, Madame Delphina/Professor Delbert Fina
6 Episodes (2008-2008)
Wendy Williams
Phyllis Rose
4 Episodes (2011-2011)
Austin Peck
4 Episodes (2011-2011)
Barbara Garrick
Allison Perkins
3 Episodes (2002-2010)
Amanda Setton
3 Episodes (2011-2011)
Snoop Dogg
2 Episodes (2008-2010)
Thorsten Kaye
2 Episodes (2011-2012)
Nathan Fillion
2 Episodes (2012-2012)
Natalie Martinez
2 Episodes (2011-2011)
Wilson Bethel
2 Episodes (2011-2011)
A Martinez
Ray Montez
1 Episode (2008)
Jessica Tuck
1 Episode (2012)
Joy Behar
1 Episode (2007)
Kourtney Kardashian
Kassandra Kavanaugh
1 Episode (2011)
Sherri Saum
1 Episode (2002)
Ty Treadway
1 Episode (2002)