An addictively enigmatic hit about stranded plane-crash survivors on an eerie Pacific island. These disparate, resilient souls are bedeviled by flashbacks to their pasts, ever-changing group dynamics, otherworldly predators and hostile island inhabitants they come to call the Others. Six of the survivors are eventually rescued and return to the U.S.---for awhile. Cocreated by J.J. Abrams ('Alias'; 'Star Trek') and filmed in Hawaii.

Former Cast

Jeremy Davies Daniel Faraday
Rebecca Mader Charlotte Lewis
François Chau Dr. Marvin Candle/ Dr. Pierre Chang
John Terry Christian Shephard
Cheech Marin David Reyes
Kevin Tighe Anthony Cooper
Mira Furlan Danielle Rousseau
Andrea Gabriel Nora Abbed `Nadia' Jazeem
Sonya Walger Penny Widmore
Alan Dale Charles Widmore
M.C. Gainey Mr. Friendly/Tom
Doug Hutchison Horace Goodspeed
Jon Gries Roger Linus
Marsha Thomason Naomi Dorrit
Lance Reddick Matthew Abbadon
Eric Lange Radzinsky
Fionnula Flanagan Eloise Hawking
Alice Evans Eloise Hawking (Younger)