Long-running slapstick sitcom (with a great theme song) about two single Milwaukee women sharing an apartment and working at a brewery in the 1950s. Their circle of friends included oddballs Lenny and Squiggy, and Shirley's sweet boyfriend Carmine. A spin-off from `Happy Days,' it relied more on physical comedy than its parent show and was actually more successful, becoming the No. 1 show in its second year. Before the end of its run, the girls moved to L.A. A cartoon version aired in 1981.


Guest Stars

Vicki Lawrence
Plout, Sgt. Plout
Hildebrand, Mr. Bardwell
Charmayne, Col. Turner
Del Diamond, Gonzague, Reporter
Adelle, Miss Peters, Pvt. Winnick
Sgt. Shannon
Norman, Off. Hughes, Officer Hughes
Mrs. Kolcheck, Mrs. Kolchek
Jay Leno
Bobby Bitts, Joey
Anthony, Director
Julie Brown
Patti, Secretary
Chickie Gale, Dr. Sandor
Duke, Johnny
Bank Robber, Hightide
Aaron, Rick
Grandma DeFazio
Ens. Benson, Ensign
Beatnik, Zwick
Dr. Dawson, Dr. Gentry
Raoul Frick, Steve
Hillary, Veronica
Mrs. Harmon
Dennis Haysbert
Shore Patrolman
Mother Superior
Officer Newman
Jeff Goldblum
Laverne's Date
Sister Margaret
Mrs. Ramsdale
Cowboy Bill
Station Master
Officer Battaglia
Bachelor No. 1
Chuck Malone
`Buzz' Anderson
Lift Operator
Pvt. Duff
Grandma DeFazio
Reception Nurse
Nurse Krevsky
Mrs. Dorfman
Johnny Pulse
Dr. Schoenbroom