Cocreator Steven Bochco's classic law series is set in a ritzy L.A. firm, where caffeine and ego-driven meetings frequently veer from diverse cases into the hectic, neurotic personal lives of its large staff. Winner of 15 Emmys, it follows Bochco's successful `Hill Street Blues' formula of multiple, finely textured story lines in its office politics and romances. There's plenty of passion and posturing in and out of court, but this smart ensemble show also has considerable wit.

Active Cast

Corbin Bernsen Arnie Becker
Jill Eikenberry Ann Kelsey
Alan Rachins Douglas Brackman Jr.

Former Cast

Jimmy Smits Victor Sifuentes
Harry Hamlin Michael Kuzak
Susan Dey Grace Van Owen
Larry Drake Benny Stulwicz
Blair Underwood Jonathan Rollins
John Spencer Tommy Mullaney
Tom Verica Billy Castroverti
A Martinez Daniel Morales
Debi Mazar Denise Ianello
Alan Rosenberg Eli Levinson