TV's first great sitcom centered on a zany New York housewife who wants desperately to get into showbiz and her Cuban bandleader husband who has his hands full trying to dissuade her. Also getting caught up in their shenanigans were the Mertzes, their landlords and best friends. A pioneer for being filmed before a studio audience with multiple cameras, the top-rated series racked up 180 episodes before ending in 1957. Several specials aired from '57 to '60 as 'The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.'


Guest Stars

Little Ricky, Litty Ricky
Bum, Cameraman, Customer, Deliveryman, Dock Worker, Florist, Hot Dog Vendor, Laundry Deliveryman, Man on the Street, Messenger, Orderly, Party Guest, Photographer
Boom Man, Cop, Crook, Croupier No. 2, Dance Teacher, Maitre d', Man with Poster, Passenger with Dog, Recording Engineer, Reporter, Stagehand, Tournament Announcer, Waiter, Walter
Clubwoman, Customer, Flapper, Grace Munson, Hazel Pierce, Mrs. Peterson, Nurse, Party Guest, Soda Jerk, Tourist, Woman in Butcher Shop
Jerry, Joe
12 Episodes (2000-2000)
Mathilda Trumbull, Mrs. Trumbull, Mrs. Turnbull, Mrs. Willoughby
Ben Benjamin, Conductor, Customs Inspector, Desk Sergeant, Dickie Davis, Freddie Fillmore, Ralph Ramsey, Waiter
Caroline Appleby, Carolyn, Clubwoman, Lillian Appleby
Minnie Finch, Mrs. MacGillicuddy, Mrs. McGillicuddy
Actor Posing as Indian, Assassin, Bill Foster, Cop at Police Station, Hank, Stagehand, TV Host
Customer, Lost Soul, Nurse, Party Guest, Woman in Butcher Shop, Woman on Bus
Betty, Betty Ramsey, Cynthia Harcourt, Evelyn Bigsby
Butcher, Cop, Crook, Customer, Stagehand
Clubwoman, Lou Ann Hall
Andrew Hickox, Casting Director, Mr. Stanley, Pssport Clerk
Frank Williams, Paul, Salesman
Director, Ross Elliott
Charpentier, Eye Doctor, Jean, William Abbott
Airline Officer, Assistant Director, Propman, Sales Clerk
Clubwoman, Nurse with Wheelchair
Clubwoman, Customer, Martha, Woman in Butcher Shop
Announcer, Chip Jackson, Mr. Taylor, Phil
Marco Rizo, Patron, Pianist, Piano Player
Cop, Policeman
Bill Parker, Bill Sherman, Mel Eaton
Foreman, Minnie's Neighbor, Nancy Graham
Mario Orsatti, Mr. Beecher, Mr. Meriwether
Counterfeiter, Xavier
Man from Magazine, Officer, Social Director
Bruce, Bruce Ramsey
Ernest Ford, Ernest Ford
Clapstick Man, Orderly, Waiter
Headwaiter, Jewel Thief, Process Server
Clubwoman, Marion Strong, Woman on Party Line
Clubwoman, Mrs. Pomerantz, Nurse
Carlos Ortega, Robert DuBois
Henry, Spectator
Eleanor Spaulding, Flower Show Judge
Actor Posing as Indian, Helicopter Pilot
Alvin Littlefield
Eddie Grant, Himself
Dan Jenkins, Percy Livermore
Bert Willoughby, Will Potter
Harold (the tramp), Stewart
Casino Manager, Policeman
John Wayne
2 Episodes (2016-2016)
Maurice, the Headwaiter, Waiter
Mr. Perry, Walter Reilly
Dominic Orsatti, Flower Show Judge
Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Simpson
Desk Clerk, Drunk
Mr. Walters, Sheriff
Charlie Appleby, Charlie Pomerantz
Dr. Tom Robinson, Theater Manager
Nancy Johnson, Woman on Platform
Mr. Krausfeld, Reporter
Dock Agent, Ken, the Detective
Charlie, Laundryman
Man on Train, Morris Williams
Delivery Boy, Grocery Boy
Phoebe Littlefield
Al Sparks, Joe
Relative, Young Woman
Farmer, Professor Falconi
Mother Ricardo, Mrs. Ricardo
Script Clerk, Stage Manager
Nurse, Spectator
Little Ricky
Club Chairwoman, Club President
Harry Henderson, Man in Hotel Corridor
Bennet Green, Ferry Attendant
Arresting Officer, Groom
Professor's Assistant, Woman
Nurse in Hospital Lobby
Barbara Eden
Diana Jordan
Flight Attendant
Man in Closet
Billy Hackett
Claude Akins
Cornel Wilde
Starlet No. 1
Rattlesnake Jones
Edward Warren
Mrs. Pettibone
Professor Bonanova
Laundry Checker
Burlesque Comic
Joe Spaulding
Charlie Appleby
Dr. Henry Molin
Hedda Hopper
Man in Deck Chair
Angela Randall
Mrs. Knickerbocker
Helicopter Dispatcher
Immigration Officer
Janet Waldo
Peggy Dawson
Mr. Murdoch
Harvey Cromwell
Joi Lansing
Mrs. O'Brien
Club President
Mrs. Hansen
Mrs. Van Fossen
Madame Lamond
Motel Owner
Woman in Laundry
Man on Platform
Dore Schary
Stadium Guard
Trumpet Player
Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson
Carlota Romero
Grace Munson
Helen Erickson Kaiser
Mrs. Gordon MacRae
Van Johnson
Van Johnson
Sir Clive Richardson
Woman on Party Line
Mrs. Mulford
Phoebe Emerson
Dr. Gettleman
Dorothy Cooke
Aaron Spelling
Gas Station Attendant
Eleanor Harris
Woman from Brooklyn
Kenneth Hamilton
Woman in Box
Jimmy Hudson
Radio Announcer
Martha's Husband
Mr. Snodgrass
Arthur Walsh
Woman on Bus
Gambler with Fez
1 Episode (2000)
Mrs. William Holden
Bass Player
Dorothea Wolbert
Woman at Audition
Ukelele Player
Nightclub Emcee
Italian Guard
Young Woman on Platform
Vittorio Fellipi
Mrs. Hudson
Woman with Purse
Network Representative
Elevator Operator
Woman on Phone
Croupier No. 1
Network Representative
1 Episode (2000)
Jill Jarmyn
Miss Ballentine
Man at Newspaper
Tom Henderson
Little Ricky
Mayor Ferguson
Man on Train
Renita Perez
Woman from Magazine
Mrs. Forrest Tucker
Tom Williams
Mr. Thurlough
Mrs. Richard Carlson
Cigar Store Owner
Award Presenter
Wife of Man in Deck Chair
Arnold (the first husband)
Party Guest
Maria Ortega
Sidney Kaiser
Man on the Street
Grape Picker
Woman in Fur Salon
Dr. Peterson
Starlet No. 3
Stevie Appleby
Mrs. Alan Ladd
Arthur Morton